Miss myself! :-(

After roaming all over the mind & realizing that nothing productive can come up by worrying. I just realized I am not being myself!!

And so I rolled back a few years & ran thro’ my mental diary in search of the ‘lost me’!!!
          … I was very carefree! (What does that mean, I don’t even rmmbr now!!)
          … I was very cool & unperturbed! (Does such a state exists now?)
          … I was irresponsible! (Such a lovely feeling to be so?)
          … I was crazy yet creative! (Now I have to think so much even to type one sentence! 🙁 )
          … I was productive!! (In more than one ways! 😉 )
          … I was flirtatious!! (Gone are those days of fantasies!)
          … I was intelligent!! (Now I pick the calculator for 51 * 49!)

And, finally the most important,
          … I had a life!!! (My current state of affair: Where can I buy that? Do I get discount?)


7 thoughts on “Miss myself! :-(

  1. @Saka: Not at all.. This is still my blog. Will restart it soon.. Waiting for the right muhurat! 🙂 What about you? Any blogs? 🙂

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