Beauty of a stranger

Ever traveled hoping to meet the same stranger again? Ever thanked your lucky stars for do so? Ever wondered how would you react when you meet the stranger you were only _hoping_ to meet?

Chennai-Bangalore, a route I am way too familiar
traveled a zillion times between, year after year;
Whoever sit next to me, be it a virgin or a nun
its always been a boring lonely journey with no fun!

But, I had no clue of the wonderful impending events
when I boarded the train, as usual, at Cantonment;
After a game, a bottle of water, 2 tea & lost sleep
We disembarked with loads of memories to keep.

When train stopped so did our friendship, or so I thought
ever heard – “Travel ends but the journey does not“?
God showed how mysterious HE can get, exactly a day later
when she walked right next to me looking beautiful & better.

Should I thank my lucky stars or just accept the unexpected?
I was so full of pleasant shock, I was truly dumb-founded;
The sheer joy of meeting the same beautiful stranger, again,
is like wetting your feet in puddle during pre-monsoon rain! 😉

Second chance is the request from GOD: “Son, its time to act
so didn’t miss dropping her @ her place & picking her contact!
Exchanged views, numbers, sms-es, giggles, laughters & smiles
with memories of that day, to meet her I would walk miles.

Penning this down @ 4 in the morning, missing my sleep
for the impressions formed are way down deep
Stranger no more she is to me, but I will send this to her
just to tell her how wonderful was the “BEAUTY OF THIS STRANGER

4 thoughts on “Beauty of a stranger

  1. Oh Boi Oh Boi!!!! Should i say flattery, honesty, may be a little naughty..;) But TOOOOOOOO Sweet to resist i guess :). Rp i swear i didnt know you blog.:). Too lame if i say thank you, lets say kismat konnection 😉 Still searching for words to pen down. Dumb-Struck as usual 🙂

  2. Certain things in life you question and continue questioning, but life never answers you. Certain things in life, you want it so badly you never dare to question. You know exactly what i mean 🙂 Spirituality to cricket. Some roller coaster:) Unbelievable man. Strange yet true, how strange none of us know. But Strange it is, gets stranger and stranger. As i said, KISMAT KONNECTION:) Am lovin every bit of this 🙂 Feel like saying a zillion things but nahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!….. Not for the world to know. 🙂

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