move on….

The world talks about moving on! “Move on, man, else you are wasting time!” For me it is easily said than done. But, if the whole world is in chaos & your chaos seem lesser importance than theirs. And, if the whole world can move on then better you do too!!

The trouble of moving on is to shatter the dreams that you have built. My Olive once spoke to me about dreams & how important to guard it against breakages. And, guess what, she was the one who shatter most of my dreams all the way! 🙂 I guess life works that way!

Unfortunately, I believe in ‘ALL FOR GOOD‘ and I know what is happening is for my good. The only trouble with this philosophy is the state of mind to accept it. It is easy to believe in philosophy but acceptance is difficult.

But, yeah, I cannot stay on
for I need to move on;
life awaits with much surprises
new one after every time sun rises.

Wish I could have a friend along
to fend off troubles all along
but life, sometimes, throws you alone
to work on your sins & to atone!

God Bless!!

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