Is it worth it?

Here I am crying out and waiting, lacking all the patience, for that call.

People ask why so emotional these days? Why so troubled? Why so struggled? I have only one thing to say – try. Try living with expectations and expectations not being met. Try living with expectations, which was met earlier but not met anymore. It is a great time of your life. The pain is unbearable. The pain.

And, is there any thing more worst? Yeah, I will say yes. I will have to say yes only bcoz of my belief. My belief in the history. The history of the current situation is great. If the same trend continues the worst is still not yet in the horizon. I am yet to face the gravest of the troubles and have to crosses the hardest of the hurdles. I am bloody freaking sure that the hardest part of this entire episode is probably just around the corner.

Can I come out of unscathed?! Great if I can. But, I am sure I can’t bcoz I am already half bruised and half handicapped.

I heard a nice phrase from my friend – ‘Let Go. Let God.’ I just pray to God…. nah! not pray but command God to gimme the strengths to fight the fight. Run the Race. Finish the game, at least a matured bit.

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