will the world conspire for me?

Have heard/read the most famous statement in one of the Paulo Coelho’s book ‘The Alchemist’ and the statement goes thus – “When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true.

Well isn’t this great? If this can happen always then it is great.

Now the question is can it happen to me?! Ever?! Well, a good question. Guess the answer is obvious. Yes, it will. Actually, it can! It will provided that I am as desperate as I can get. Am I as desperate? Well, yes and no! I am desperate to go back in time but I am also angry at the things are right now. So, right now, my head is filled with clashes between the past & the present.

With clash at its peak & worst, how can i think of a future? More over, how can I be desperate about my future?! Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, if I can somehow settle my thoughts & focus on what I need, may be! Just may be, I can get this Coelho’s thesis come true. I can somehow get the whole world to conspire to fulfill my wish! But for that I need make some changes… in me! I need to focus & get the best out of me! For which, I hope GOD has given me the strengths to tackle my inner fears & over come them. If HE has not then HE better give me! 🙂

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