…. it hurts

Some times… the life turns interesting.. it takes all that it gave and it gives back all that you don’t want… it shows the path which you want to forget.. it opens the doors that you never knew existed.. Well thats life in short..

What you think cannot happen will happen.. what you think should not happen will definitely happen.. what you want to happen will evade you like none before..

I am thinking of doing something next weekend and I am sure the thing called life will definitely give an interesting twist the entire show.

Let us see how Swami handles this & me…

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2 thoughts on “…. it hurts

  1. dunno, wht u r upto .. but my wishes r there for u, machi …
    (hoe u r not indulging in nefariuos activites :-)))

  2. anonymouns: Thanks! I need all the wishes of the whole world to succeed. Fear not it is not nefarious! 🙂

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