Summer Vacation for Employees

After really long…
Was recently wondering how it will be to have summer vacation for office goers too! In India, unlike West, there is no concept of long vacation for employees. No Christmas vacation. No Diwali vacation. NO VACATION. Thats work in India! 🙂

But, imagine. Imagine vacation for employees. Just like students, a summer vacation. May be a concession in train-fare! 🙂 (for unknownst, in India, the students get a concession in Rail-ticket fare (and also air-fair) )

We could add more to it. Imagine a summer-vacation-pack (with concession) by leading travel agents, say, Thomus Cook. Say, a 50% off for all the IT-employees! (he he he) You get to go to your relatives house and eat, eat, and eat, till they kick you out! Then you travel (again in concession) to your other relatives house and do the same! Yeah, I almost forgot. We go to the relatives house and expect the uncles & aunts (in our case it will cousins & her husbands) to take us around to the town. May be, a visit to the town’s circus, a zoo (mandatory, though the animals looks the same across the globe) and a compulsory, late night ice-creams!

Every body we should be woken up only with a ‘Today, we are going to… ‘ or ‘Today, the special menu is…’ Also, the uncles & aunt’s should have a beautiful neighbor! 🙂 And, late in the afternoon, when the aunts & uncles are asleep, the beautiful neighbor and we (nah! in this case, me) will sneak behind the mango tree in the farm house behind their house… (wow! this imagination game is really interesting! lol)

Yeah, during a visit to the town exhibition, we should be able to run around and falling on the dirt without anybody smirking on our face. We should be able to cry standing in front of the Giant wheel and plead to our mom to permit us to play in that. Yeah, do not forget to add a nude bath in the town lake/river! 😉

Ah! A summer vacation (with concession) and a beautiful neighbor, who does not want it?

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  1. you are awakening people, bro..

    (either way: from the beautiful dream of your blog or from the mechanical life we are living in..)

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