love siege

chax: i had got my laptop & had connected thro’ moi mobile! 🙂

recently i was viewing a film called “coyote ugly”.. in that the protagonist lady walks into the pub, named same as the film, in a very timid & cautious manner… but soon she becomes the prime entertainment & the source of business for the pub.. to my mind, somehow this was very similar to how many love stories are…

the gal slowly & cautiously enters the guy’s heart and soon she is in total command!!! also his heart’s main source of entertainment is his love!!! nd this triggered the creative side of me and here is my grouping of words that i call poem on this very subject:


unexpected she came in,
not barging but, entering in slowly
clear cautious eyes scanning
taking in all
nd surprisingly not detesting!

there were others before
some came along nd others later
all pitchin in their luck
nd hoping a win
but surprisingly none won!

all of these she has heard
never seen but heard, you betcha;
smilingly she sat at nowhere
cautiously nd silently
knew not many of her whereabouts!

soon the owner noticed her
throw in a card for a team-game
without knowledge they were gaining,
slowly and gradually,
points were scored against their names!

the crowd around are unaware
of the potential team building along
they are blissfully ignorant,
including her gaurdian,
of the successful coupling in front!

eventually the crowd walk out
the game-room losing competitors
to this unbelievable partners in crime;
unware to hisself
the owner has shut doors on others!

one fine moment amidst joy
the void in the room hit, as a surprise,
as the owner searched all around;
with dawn of wisdom,
the reality stuck him, surprisingly, pleasant!

the facts of the life
coupled with philosophy ruling life
hits hard until ye wake up
just to inform,
“buddy, you hit a jackpot!”

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