They Got Spliced….

2 marriages + 10 different sets of friends + 2 different places + monsoon all through = HOLY FREAKING AWESOME

The black clouds above opened up
raining all its anger downpour
bringing along the grace of GOD
showering down unto his subjects.

The past few weeks had been days of rain. Rain came when ever it felt like. Never had a predictable rhythm. It welled up & eventually clogged up the roads making traveling a pain… esp for bikers like me. But, then yeah, it was blessings in disguise. The temperature simmered down so bloody much that now we have to search for a cover to avoid catching cold. 🙂 Am i not glad? The days of heat & sweat is long over. Now we are into rain & run for covers time! wish my gal-friend was beside me… would have a rocking time (literally) 🙂

Like the monsoon moving North-west
and suddenly changing course to Bengal
blessing jungles, concrete & natural, along
the nomadic bachelor freedom caught onto me.

Yday in Hyderabad’s one end in the evening and 40km to the other side by night and back to this end by mid-night and now 300+ Km from Hyderabad in Vijayawada. Wow! This is truly nomadic and joy of bachelorhood is fabulous and needs to be a part of every guy sometime in their life time. I can’t imagine roaming so much with my wife tagging along. God forbid if I am a father!

A word, a hug, a slap on the back
the punch in the paunch and that kick
is the order the day, amidst friends;
thats whom i met in scores after years.

Yday met a dozen and tomorrow another dozen more. And no over-lapping b/w them. Such are the numbers of friends i am meeting in the past few days. And, of the 2 dozen, atleast a couple (nearly 10+) i am meeting after years. Wow!! The joy of reunion. The joy of watching our dear pals. The joy of reliving those days in just a few moments. The joy of being back to our student notorious self… Its fulfilling.

“The year of of maximum nuptials,”
so would my friend put it, obviously,
with friends finally falling in the trap
I am a mute witness for a couple of them.

I traveled 40+ KM braving a downpour, which would have halted even Sun God’s rays to penetrate. I traveled without any know-how about the place, route, location. No nothing. But thats fun. esp when you are traveling to be a part of history in making of your friend. Esp when you are attending a wedding. Yeah, I am here Vijayawada @ 300+ km from my cozy home, braving all odds of rain + unfinished work @ ofc + a cold stare from manager to attend my friend’s marriage.

So long live Mr & Mrs. Pappu & Mr. & Mrs. Dad.

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