At last a first!!!

saka:yeah, i always know my moods were just like the rain clouds in Chennai. They never last more than a day or two… but, yeah, i had all the rights to be depressed bcoz the situation was like that. can’t help it boss!!!

after a long of “i need it” and “i will by this month end”… i at last did it…

ah! the feeling is good and great.
i feel some amount of achievity
have i? a good que albeit bit late.
at last i got my connectivity. 🙂

At last, after a real long wait (running into years), i recently picked up a laptop. a good enough fitting my budget and configuration. a HCL make. 1.73G + 1G RAM + Blue tooth + Web cam + DVD R/W. All of this for Rs. 46K + 3yrs warranty… Its apparently one of the best deals though the brand is not very well known in laptop circles.

after a few tussles with leading ISPs
i realized what a village i live in
it seems i live in a forest without trees
nobody would provide me a option to login.

I was quite irritated with the leading Broadband providers when they refused to provide me a broadband connection bcoz i apparently live really far from the city limits and it is not feasible for them spend time, money & effort in providing a cabled connection.

Then, I decided to try out wireless
but, yeah, i was surprised at their response
their interest could not have been any less
poor response means poor signals!

I tried the leading Wireless DataCard provided Mr. Reliance. I wanted to check the bandwidth and signal strength near my home. I was promised a demo at my home and i waited for over a week and realized they would not provide me even a decent demo. I was not in the least amused by their lack of service. There aft, I was not in the least in doubt about their after-sales service.

Then, a spark inside my huge head
I do already have a signal receiver, O’ my Dumb
why cant i use it? Ah! Used my head
Thus my MOTO-V3 Razor with Airtel acts as modem

So, with a sudden dawn of brain-powerm, I realized why can’t i use the features in my mobile. My mobile supports GPRS and my service provider does that too, so why not? 🙂

So, fellas, here i am online from home using my Moto V3 Razor + Airtel combo. Hopefully this will help me streamline my online activity @ office to work-related only and thus improve my productivity. This means that i can leave ofc early & have a life other than work life too!!!

Yippee!!! I am happy! 🙂
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