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pv: hope you watched it and you liked it too.
vinesh: Deepa Mehta + Lisa Ray and if a guy does not want a skin show then he must be Gay! 🙂 Thankfully, I am not and I am glad that you are not too. 🙂

The depressed me trying to pen down the possible reasons for depression. Wanna read it? I would suggest not… Dont waste your time.

you clicked and wanna read?? God Save You!

Hi All

Its quite an interesting thing to note that some acts in life become a part of you and you miss them when you dont do them. For the past few weeks, I have been quite dis-satisfied with anything and everything… I wondered why? I thought of various stuffs but nothing much seemed a valid reason.

i weighed a lot on various acts/activites but none gave me a conclusive explanation to my mental state…

1. Basket Ball – i used to play a lots of them when i was a student.. spent at least 2-3hrs/day sweating out in the court.. right now I have no opportunity to play as I found no ground anywhere near for me to play. 🙁 I missed playing… esp BB.
2. Creative Tussles – back in college, i used to be a part of a gang, which used to be extremely innovative and creative. And, we used to have great arguments and i enjoyed the knowledge sharing that used to be a part of such arguments. I miss those and I miss my group.
3. Friends – back in college and even in my 1st job, i had loads of friends. i always cherished my moments with them but right now far away from them, in a different city, i feel lonely. and, i cannot blame them but its obvious, that i am slowly being left out of the group. once, i used to be an integral part of the group, now i am just an attachment running in the periphery. i miss friends and i miss their support. i lived my entire life with the support from them.
4. blogging – ok, i was never a regular blogger but yep, i was there. i used to blog often and used to reply on quite a few other blogs too. i used to enjoy, how-ever infrequent it was, the creative challenges blogging used to pose. I enjoyed reading others blog and trying to gauge them. It was fun. But of late, i am no where. i lost my identity in the blog-world too..

i miss the above a lot. i know its gonna be tough 2 get that creative tussle back but the other 3 are not difficult. Unfortunately, being an extremely negative-thinking optimist its tough for me to think that i can get back my friends. the way i am losing my friends, i would be surprised if any body would attend my marriage! Its a freaking sad thought but, yeah, i am getting depressed aloud, in a vociferous manner. at times like these i feel like kicking my own butt but then, thats life about me…. feeling depressed and moving out of it…

neways, coming to basket ball, I have no clue how and where I am gonna find a court & some fellas to play with… regarding bloggin, i am damn freaking busy but then i should try & make some time to blog.

If i cannot do what i love doing, then what is life all about??

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