W.A.T.E.R – an beauty of its own.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ : tanq… so there is some one who still believes my lame excuses. 🙂 this gives me loads of confidence! 😉

Me went to my friends’ house and they had a small quarell. It concerned one guy ditching the other & goin for a night show. And my presence gave the victim an idea. “Even I will go out with my friend” and he looked at me! I was surprised. He decided for me??!! Meekly, I said, “Yeah, we too shall go!” So we went for this great movie!

This is one hell of a film. Believe me, this is fantastic. I went in with a bit of apprenhension and a bit curiosity. After all, isnt DM the director of the in-famous FIRE?? I was also half-expecting so see some skin-show and stuff. DM disappointed me. Disappointed me badly….

…by no nothing of adult content in the movie. Its a clean movie with strong strong (repeat over zillion times) subject. The movie is a eye-opener and makes you feel like kicking the butt of our ancestors if they were anywhere close to how its depicted in the movie.

I can with all joy reveal the story out here bcoz this movie rides on an directorial excellence with fabulous screen-play. So this will not be a spoiler of any form but for those who feel otherwise plz close the window right now!

This movie is placed @ 1938 timeline. Starts with a cute little girl being take to the ashrama for widows. And after over an hour of the movie, I realized that this ashram is only for those kid-widows. Apparently child-widows are considered cursed, I suppose. Else why a seperate ashram for them?? Anyways, this kid is a Srilankan, whose real-life name is Sarala. She portrays the innocent widow who does not even understand/realize that she is a widow. Her performance is remarkable! Sweeps you off your feet!! She over shadows other big-wigs in the movie and has outrun them by miles. Imagine performing better than Seema Biswas & John Abraham. Fantastic performance. We should watch this movie at least for this babe. Her expressions are so innocent yet filled with the emotion she is expressing. Hear say that she does not even know English. A transalator used to help her out in the movie sets! Boy, imagine hearing the scene transalated from English to Silangeese and then act in Hindi!! Boy! Its tough. Very tough.

Her in the Ashram, Chuyia (Sarala’s reel name) meets Didi – Seema Biswas and Kalyani – Lisa Ray along with various other insignificant characters. Chuyia is all of her young age and bubbling with enthusiasm but none in the ashram, leaving apart Didi and Kalyani, give her the space that is essential for a kid. Then plot revolves around how Didi & Kalyani with patience and love truly welcome & enjoy the kid’s company.

At this juncture you are thrown the most important question, subtly by the director! What life does a kid-widow have? We have heard zillion times about kid-widows & kid-marriages. As a matter of fact, both my grannys (mom’s & dad’s moms) have had child-marriage. Probably just after their puberty. So we have heard about kid-marriage from childhood and it does not strike us how terrible it is to be a widow & a kid too! This movie dwells with that sad portion of the life. In fact, at certain junctures, we get irritated and angry with our in-human ancestors! How in fuck did they justify their behaviour?? I mean, get a kid of 3-4yrs old to marry a stupid 60yrs old bas***d. And when that dumb-of-an-ass dies, which anyway he would even before the kid understands that she is married, throw the kid (if lucky, 8 or 9 else 4 or 5yrs old) into that ashram and tell her that she should never be normal!!!

Can ye blve that? Imagine yerself in the kids position. You grow up not knowing truly why you are not staying with your mom or dad but with some fat-lumps!! Also not knowing why you have to keep your head shaved and wear only white saari!! And, when you attain puberty and all those sensual feelings arise, you realize that you are never too enjoy those aspects of life!! And this is all bcoz yer father & mother wanted to get to married to some fucking fool for Rs 20/- This is fucking insane!!

And also these widows are used as prostitutes!! And the head of the ashram herself lends these kids/girls. I mean, thats very sad. The way its portrayed is that these widows are considered as low, cheap & dirty in the caste-dominant society. In fact, some fucking zamindar goes around screwing 9yr old kids!!!! I cant believe it. I mean, I was so agitated when I saw this little Chuiya being sent to a Zamindar as a prostitute. And the little kid did not even know that. When I see a little kid, I feel like hugging her & showering with kisses for all her innocence and not otherwise. I cannot think of sex with her. Bastards! The zamindars of yore are cheap sex maniac and would go around screwing even if you tie a saree around a tree. Cheapos!

I was so overwhelmed by this movie that If I had a time-machine @ my disposal, I would have gone back & time & killed all of them…

Its time India wakes up and allows screening of such wonderful eye-openers. These Politicians are indeed killing India & its future… Why this movie was not allowed to be shot in India? It has immense relevance and societal importance. Similar was the case for the other great moview Parzania. Read here and here for better reviews of Parzania.

anyways, getting back to the movie. This is a wonderful movie, which does not have any skin-show or no nothing that can be rated as A. But a clear good story line with great acting and fantastic direction. The movie moves mountains within you…. A great great watch!! Dont miss it even for zillion dollars!

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