Laziness is an Art!

krishna: oye! thanks. welcome to my blog. 🙂
chax: thanks dude. i take that as a compliment. 😀

This post is dedicated to my very friends. Some are opinionated. Some are shrewd. Some are against me. Some are for me. Some biased. Some other unbiased. But every body has categorically come to the same conclusion! This post is dedicated to those souls!!!

lazy bugger. You’ll never change.” said my good friend.
I suppose, this is the repayment for calling him “a good pillion rider” 🙂 But, I actually take this as a compliment. I mean, its difficult to be lazy. Do you know why?? Read further….

Yep. Its difficult to be lazy. For laziness affects various aspects of ones life. and one should have the mental strength to cope up with those. Lemme try & list it out….

1. you gain pounds – This is the most important effect of being lazy. ye gain pounds faster than a 5yr old can grow! Extra pounds are not well appreciated by some biased & senseless community of skeletons. Well, I would say its gr8 to put on pounds it means a lot. It means you are Lazy!!! Isnt it great?

2. you lose prospective gal-friends – Another major impact bcoz of laziness. Say, you meet some gal @ some party/function. You take her number. You go home. She go home. (of course, i am refering to respective homes & not the same) You hit your sack & watch some crap on the TV. She hits her couch & wait staring at the mobile to ring with your name flashing. You dont and she doesn’t. Next day @ mid-day, when you wake up with a hang-over due to laziness, you decide to call her and she bangs the phone so hard on your ring your ear drums would refuse to work for next few minutes. In short, you lazed around and she is gone for ever. But, this is great isn’t it? you get to flirt around with one more the next day. 🙂 Else you are committed & hooked on to the same damn babe! How sinful!!!

3. your blog is rarely updated – Oh, yeah, this is one of the effects, which does not have a +ve perspective.

4. your vehicle & house are rarely tidyoye, dont get me wrong. My house is clean but its not tidy. Thats it. But thats a great feeling. Untidy yet clean houses retain a perfect home atmosphere. Extremely tidy houses are but museums where only extinct animals are preserved. I am not yet extinct!
Also, when you clean your vehicle like once in a blue-moon thats when you realize that you actually have a very sexy vehicle and it gives a great pride & confidence. This will be of great help esp when you are gonna go on a date with a gal for the 1st time!! 😉

5. you learn to skip meals – This is of great help. When you live alone and you have every necessary ingredients to cook but you are lazy. You are actually not skipping meals but learning to skip them. This will be of great help. Imagine, you join army and you are sent to plunder the enemies. At the ambush is fixed @ 7:30 in the morning. You are cannot protest and demand for food @ that time. But with these training you can successfully ambush the enemies and even get the “Medal of Honor.” Then your Mom, who is shouting at you for skipping breakfast now, will be proud of you then. Always aim at the greater Goal!

Laziness is an art. One needs to master it. Else you will be infected by the most dangerous illness in this known-world – Guilt. You need to completely unaffected by the happenings around you only then you can be lazy without guilt. And its a great feeling to be lazy without Guilt. Try it & you will be addicted to it.

Laziness without Guilt is Character.

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