Trip to ParkField Resort

After I relocated to Hyd, I have been more find in B’lore than Hyd. I had various reasons. And this time it was bcoz of a get-to-gether we had planned.

Its been really long since we had a outing,” commented one.
Oh! yeah, we plan but never put it into action,” accused other.
We plan and almost execute but for few spoilers,” said another.

The atmosphere (which is in reality a virtual space) was becoming hot & sweaty to stay. A few more similar comments would call for fight & blood shed. Then some one jumped in, “yeah, He came back from US just a couple of days ago. Why not have a treat from him as a trip?” This saw many nods more than the traffic jams around the city. Few more of us ( to be precise, 2 of us) also joined the US-return in treating others.

We decided the day to be 23 & 24 Feb. After loads of “this-place” and “no, that place”, we finally left the job to an able guy. And then on 17-Feb we visited “Park Field Resort”. The following is gonna be just a photo blog of the events, for better read go thro –

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2. PVs Blog here and here

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