So inexperienced I am!!!

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This week had been a nice roller-coaster ride for me. I had few highs & one lonely but a big low

The week that went by was interesting. There were highs but I am not gonna tell about them. I am gonna tell about my one lonely but a hig low. I had lent few thousands to my friend and he has till date failed to return…. Now what should I do?

This guy concerned was a junior in my college. I lent him 30-grand as he desperately wanted that to finish some Tax related work. And he promised to return the amount by 8th of this month. Believing his words, literally, I lent him the entire amount, which literally cut my bank balance to near zero. I did not work on the unexpected. Now he has not returned to amount to me and I am broke, to say the least. I have loads of financial commitments and I am not sure how I am gonna manage it. And to top it all, today is my credit card’s due date. 🙁

Now what I am pissed off with this fella is his indifference towards returning. Should he not take responsibility in returning the amount to me? He did not return my call or return my sms for few days. And then after few days he started giving reasons like he is out of town & such stuff. And, now the latest development is that he has depositted the cash in one of the ICICI’s branch on Friday. But till now it has not reached me. What in heaven’s I am supposed to do???

When I contact him, he says that he cannot do anything bcoz he has depositted the amount and so his work is over. Now its bank’s responsibility to credit the amount to me. Wow! I loved this commited statement from him. I wish to kick his butt but i cannot until the amount reaches my hand. Unfair world! You cannot do certain things bcoz other things are dependent are on this.

Anyways, I am keeping my fingers’ crossed and wait for a miracle to happen. Nothing short of miracle, can save me from the clutches of the banks’ who have graciously given me credit cards!!

So Inexperienced I am!!! 🙁 To handle such scenarios.
psst…. I wish to hell I knew what to do in such scenarios?

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