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Planning to start a new idea of writing post. This is basically borrowed from kroopz but with a slight modification. I am planning to reply to the comments of the previous post before beginning the new post. Does that sound good? This way, I can definitely say to those who commented a more vociferous thanks. What ye say?

chax: Soon dude. soon. 🙂
saka: uh!! what? dude, can ye plz explain further?? 🙂

This is a brief update from my side. I have been out of action from blog-world for over 3 months so thought would give a brief update from moi side.

The past 3 months to be precise from Nov 24th till date Feb 13th, had been a good roller coaster ride. Simply due to lack to time & balancing a huge pressure to make a +ve impact in office. So had to restrain from venturing into various of my online entertainments. So here is my brief update….

DEC 06

  • Visited quite a few places on our way to a wedding. We went from B’lore to Belluru, Hallibidu, Kalasa, Hornadu. What a beauty these places are. Its a definite honeymoon spot esp Kalasa. Its the Karnataka equivalent of Munnar. Beauty par excellence. Also the architectural beauty of Belluru & Hallibidu is fabulous. I would request all those who can plz visit these places and believe me you will not regret it.
  • Attended one of my closest friends marriage. It was traditional Mangalorian Brahmin wedding. I enjoyed it. It was different but very refreshing.
  • Found a house @last. My college seniors house. Me & my other senior is sharing the house. A good house but very far from the actual happening Hyderabad.
  • Shifted my stuff from B’lore. Was a tough job. I had collected enough stuff thinking my life will be for-ever in B’lore. Way too many stuff for a bachelore, I should confess.
  • Went out with my b’lore friends to a resort and broke my ankle for the zillion-th time. Boy! My ankle’s lady luck is working over-time. I am still able to run is a magic given the number of times I have twisted it.

Jan 07

  • Spent my New Year eve fruitfully washing away my sins. Emptied my drum of mistakes & “never-do” things so that I can refill it this year again. I had been to Puttaparthy and spent a useful 3days. Prolly a very good way to start the year to come.
  • Went to B’lore the following the weekend to meet my class-mate who had come down to India. CK is doing his doctorate in US of A. Met him kinda after an year, at least. It was nice to catch up with him & the other gangsters. 🙂
  • For Sankaranthi (or Pongal, for Tamilians) been to home for a lazy 3days. Spent the entire 3 days (i.e., 72hours) only on my bed and a couch near TV. In fact, one meal session I had in a spoon for not-wanting to get up to cleanse my hand. 🙂 Laziness is my birth right & I exercised it to the best during those days. Also this was my 1st visit after I took up this new job, so it means I am visiting after 3+ months, the longest after my college.
  • Attended one of my class-mate’s wedding in Hyd, my friends had come down for it and it was fun unlimited. We enjoyed our best. Roaming in the streets of Hyd when the entire city was asleep and doing things which made the police wonder if we are terrorists! 🙂 For further details, log onto saka‘s page. click here A good update.
  • Spent one weekend purchasing stuff for my home. Bought a washing m/c and Diwan. It was my dream to set up a beautiful home, which you would love to return to from office. So in the process of setting it up. Hope I dont over do it.

Feb 07

  • Spent another weekend cleaning my house and helped my room-mate purchasing for his trip to US of A. An official trip for 3 months.
  • Wanted to update my blog, and doing it so. 🙂

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