GoGoGoa!!! on 26.11.2006 (Final Day)

This is the continuation of the previous posts. This is day four in Goa.
Just a re-cap of day 1, 2 & 3 for those who have gold-fish memory or for those who haven’t read the earlier parts & is lazy to do so. 🙂

Day 1 – 23.11.2006 – Humble self fly into Bangalore from Hyderabad and 9 of us travel in 2 Santros to Goa thro’ Tumkur-Arsikere-Badravathi-Jog Falls-Honava-Kumta-Karavar. We had a gruelling 18hours drive when we should have made it in about 12 to 14hours.

Day 2 – 24.11.2006 – Missed Croc Watch Cambarjua Canal but instead visited St. Francis Xavier Church then to Bogmalo Beach and finally to Majorda and back.

Day 3 – 25.11.2006 – Were mis-led to DCH fort (remember, Dil Chatha Hai??) but instead found ourselves in Fort Aguada. Then we jumped into waters of the flatest-shoreline in Arambol Beach. Wanted to end the day @ Club Cabana instead found ourselves discussing outside Vanilla lounge

Now for the final day in Goa…. 🙂 Here we go….

November 26, 2006

0000hrs: These guys returned from a discussion with the localites and the result was, to quote my friend “Dude, it seems this is where the Goa night-life begins and after some time the crowd moves to the other places. And so according to these guys we are at the right place.“Thats it!! You guys were discussing for like 20minutes & thats it? What a waste of 20minutes,” I thought but said “That was quick.” And we finally had to pay Rs. 1800/- (Rs. 300 per head) to enter. 🙁 **To many Rs. 300 is cheap but i am crying bcoz i am tee-totaler and also dont have a gal-friend by my side. So for me its a waste & not an investment.**

When we were about to enter, we were overtaken by a couple. And as always I noticed (only) the gal. And she looked familiar to me. Wow! What a beauty she was. She had a great great structure but a bit too thin for my style though. She was wearing a extreme-black Sun Dress and a small cute single pendant on gold-chain. I was not able to notice the shape of the pendant though. She was white. And the black dress accentuated your looks and structure. Boy! This one gal convinced me that the entry fee is worth it! 😉 She was extreme white. I am sure if white-color had some emotions & feelings then it would enroll itself with a psychiatrist for anti-depression. I have seen fair-skinned or even an white-skinned but her color was way beyond my imagination. So against the extreme-white skin the velvetty full-black was a desirable combination. Also her texture was great. Whew! Lemme stop her, else this post will not be about my Goa trip but about my 3secs standing next to her. Oh! Did I tell her name here? She is Preeti Jhangiani! 🙂

Then we were stamped on our hand(!!!) and we were greeted by a small “no-crowd” on an empty dance floor. EMPTY!!! I looked at the guy who said “Dude, it seems this is where the Goa night-life begins…blah blah**the hell it starts from here. It looks like a graveyard save few ghost-like drunkards trying not to fall hard on the floor.** Guess, I was too cynical. May be bcoz Rs. 300/- was still ringing in my head. Never the less, we ordered our drinks and then suddenly the music started to build up. Wow! Now thats something @least you can move your legs for. Though I would still prefer a geniune pop (or a hip-hop) against this crap. At that sudden point in time I realized the profoundity of the proverb Beggars are not choosers! I shut my trap & went onto the dance floor, which was still empty.

After few minutes of I dancing noticed a small group of babes dancing next to us. And in that one was awesome! A shoulder-less top & was oomph!!! I started eyeing her and was, after some time, receiving signals too. 🙂 We continued dancing and one point, I was considering approaching her but decided against it. **plz don’t ask me why? till date i am not able understand why i missed this opportunity!!** Oh, yeah! I should not forget to add that while returning from the disc, Romy said “Rp, those gals, you remember. Those who were dancing next to us?
I was like “uhh…uhmm…. yes**Did ye notice me eyeing them and they eyeing me??**
He said “They were eyeing…” while I was thinking **I know! I know!**. He completed it with “…me and Shashank.” I was like “WHAT!!! YOU & SHASHANK??!! No way. It was me.” but, again, I said “I know! I know!” I was actually shocked! Those two & not me, yeah?? I tried to think logically to prove my might against their’s and after a while I got a logical argument which they cannot refute – “But, what about those times when you & Shanshak were no where near the dance floor??” Now they dont know what happened that time, so this means I have the ball rolling. heee heee Though I never actually used this sentence.

After the dance & few morsels of something-like food we were tired and my mobile was glowing 0145. I wonder how brain works, the minute it saw the time sleep ambushed us. We packed our selves & left the lounge towards our hotel. Just a block before the hotel, we stopped & some of us suggested that we will take a looooooooong ride on the bikes. It was a two-motive stratergy. Primary being, lets burn the excessive petrol, the lender is not gonna bargain on it. Secondary being, this is our last night in Goa & the roads are very inviting. 🙂 So we hit on.

Sachin with Shruthi(wife) on Avenger. Pinky & me on my Enfield. Shashank & Romy (“But, what about those times when you & Shanshak were no where near the dance floor??”) on the other Enfield. We ripped on the high-way kinda clean roads with no traffic. The bugger Sachin would overtake us & would slow down till we overtake him. Again he would lower his gears and rip us out of shape. Arsehole! Enfield is a great vehicle but does not have the pick of Avenger and Sachin knew this pretty well. I am sure, Shruthi must have been a proud wife that day; after all, her husband is giving us a run for our money (literally). Suddenly my vehicle went into the reserve mode & so we all returned to our hotel.

0400hrs: We started playing a card game brought by Shashank. I am sorry I forgot the name of the game. Will try to recollect & post it soon. The teams were Shashank, Sachin & me(SSRP) Vs Pinky, Romy & Shruthi(PRS). We won them by zillion points. 🙂 Anyways, the losing team, which was undoubtedly PRS, is not gonna agree. But for records, SSRP team won like a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge margin against PRS, whose poor performance out beat India’s performance in the on-going SA tour. After the game, at about 0500hrs we hit the sack.

0800hrs: **snore snore**
0900hrs: **snore snore** Lazily we all woke up. And realized the folly of waking up late. We have to leave today & early morn drive was suggested & agreed upon too. 🙁 Anyways, without wasting much time we got ready. A small group went ahead to make some purchases and few of the more responsible guys stayed back to wind up the room-vacating activity. We cleared that & went for break-fast. Only Deb, Romy, Sachin, Shruthi & Me were present @ the same hotel for breakfast. Others had it at the place of their shopping. After the order, Shruthi went for a small quick jewelery shopping. And the remaining of us played few boards of pool and returned to our hotel. I was sweating like water falls and we finished the final formalities of room vacating.

The idea now was that Smriti & me were to board our respective flight and the rest would continue on their car. So, we split up. Shashank & Pinky would drop Smriti & me and join the rest on NH17. So when I was about to get into my car, I went greeting everybody a “ah! such a nice trip” and stuff. And, when I neared Romy, my thoughts were “But, what about those times when you & Shanshak were no where near the dance floor??” but I said “Nice catch up dude. Lets repeat it for Andaman

Regarding Goa Airport, I have loads to say but already this post is way toooooo long Lemme say that some other time.

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