GoGoGoa!!! on 25.11.2006

This is the continuation of the previous posts. This is day three in Goa.
Just a re-cap of day 1 & 2 for those who have gold-fish memory or for those who haven’t read the 1st part & is lazy to do so. 🙂

Day 1 – 23.11.2006 – Humble self fly into Bangalore from Hyderabad and 9 of us travel in 2 Santros to Goa thro’ Tumkur-Arsikere-Badravathi-Jog Falls-Honava-Kumta-Karavar. We had a gruelling 18hours drive when we should have made it in about 12 to 14hours.

Day 2 – 24.11.2006 – Missed Croc Watch Cambarjua Canal but instead visited St. Francis Xavier Church then to Bogmalo Beach and finally to Majorda and back.

Now for the 3rd day in Goa. Here we go…

November 25, 2006

0000hrs: **snore snore**
0400hrs: **snore snore**

0800hrs: BANG! BANG! Holy Christ! This guy never sleeps and never allows us to sleep too BANG! BANG! Dude! Stop disturbing yaar. I will give my Enfield go for a ride & leave me **snore snore** WHAT! ROYAL ENFIELD!!! No way!! I opened the door and let that idiot to disturb us again. Grrr…. Wish early morning I had the energy to strangle his neck violenty & go back to peaceful sleep. Again, we repeated the same chore and got ready in a jiffy of less of 2hours! 🙂 We landed in the same shack for breakfast. Literally had the same menu on the same table served by the same waiter but the bill was costlier. :-O God knows how and I left the job to God & did not bother to ask GOD later!!

1200hrs: Almost the same group re-grouped on the same vehicles and today’s itinerary was targetting northern Goa. We left on our great vehicles towards Aguada Fort. One amazing character in our group, whom we call the organizer of this trip had mis-informed us in telling this is the famous GOA fort from the film DCH!! We were all geared up and ready to go & take similar stills. When we reached there, we realized this fort is not what we were told. Grrr… all of us were searching this fella who gave us wrong info. Comfortably till our anger simmered down he was lost. Fortunate for him, the anger simmered down very quickly. This fort is awesome. Very very beautiful. The sea on 3 sides & a nice but not-so-magnificient semi-forest on the other. Very pretty. This place is now a part of memory for here we had some of our best snaps. And the best best ever clicked by your humble self. 🙂 Unfortunately none of the snaps are with me right now, will post the snaps separately at a later date. This is the largest & the best-preserved fort in Goa, built between 1609 – 1612. This is the only fort that remained unconquered during the 450yr Portuguese rule. The fort has an impressive 13mt tall light-house, but tourists are not allowed to go up. This is the oldest structure of its kind in Asia. Among the various historical importances, this fort happens to be the largest prison in Goa. This is a beautiful fort and plz do not miss it.

1600hrs: Then we shot to the next destination. Arambol beach it was. The best ever ride we had. This ride saw us doing loads of stunts. To start with the road is awesome. It was like riding across a hill to reach the beach. Remember we were on 2 Enfields + 1 Avenger + 1 Santo. We did crazy stuffs like Escort the Santro for some distance and such silly other scenes. But the best was yet to come. One guy (Mr. Pinky) suggested that we do a synchronized over-take & escort. The idea is that the video-cam will be with the Avenger pillion, who will be sitting facing the traffic-behind(!). The Avenger will be goin in front followed by the Santro. The 2 Enfields will be following the Santro. At the signal, both Enfields were to overtake the Santro one on each side and come right in front of it & Escort it further. We did this once but we did not get the sync. Then again after few yards we tried again & to our surprise it came to an amazing level perfection. The 1st attempt saw everybody making mistake – the cam, the bikers, the car & everything. But the 2nd attempt was like a computer generated one. Perfect!!! When I get those video’s I shall post them here. 🙂 This beach was awesome, to say the least. It was crowded but yet everybody had enough space to feel private. We immediately stripped ourselves; ofcourse, except the gals & definitely we were not naked 😉 and ran into the sea. The best part of this beach is that this is the flatest sea-shore line I have ever been to. I have no idea even about the spelling of swimming but I was able to walk upto 25 to 30 mts into the sea and still the water was way below my chin!! The feeling of so far into the sea is awesome. I am waiting to learn swimming and enter Arambol beach! And, yeah, I should not forget that some stupid sand particles enter my left eye & irritated me so much that I had to abandon playing and close my eyes to silenty suffer the pain. In fact, when i quickly wink even now, i feel some few particles somewhere inside the eye!!! 🙁 This beach even has some small 1-room buildings that are available for rent @ 350/day!!! These buildings are about 10-15mts from the sea (mark it, from sea & not from beach!!!). So the next I visit Goa, I am sure to stay @ this small 1-room apartments just to enjoy ‘a day @ sea-side‘. We had a semi-lunchish-semi-dinnerish-semi-snackish items @ 1900hrs here. Then we left.

2000hrs: We began our journey back hotel. We reached our hotel & refreshed ourselves and it was like 2300hrs before we were all fresh. I am purposefully not putting much details in this time-frame bcoz there are lots to write about 2300hrs+ 🙂

2300hrs: We left our hotel; all dressed to kill. **always wanted use this sentence** 🙂 We were prepared to go to Club Cabana. But in the mean time, Shashank found out that there is a better place closer to our hotel called Vanilla Lounge. Apparently this place is far better and had no extra charges unlike Club Cabana! We zoomed to this place. The minute we neared the place we knew we are in game for a great night. Unfortunately, I am not getting any snaps of this light show. It was not great but was fitting the party atmosphere. It was like a huge bright lamp hitting its powerful light on a ball of mirror and the light gets reflected into the night sky!!! 🙂 I heard that one can spot this light work even as far as 5-6km. Wow! Then came the shock!! There is an entry fee for guys (only) **unfair world** in this club and the entry is not covered!! 🙁 And the entry charge was putting us back my Rs. 2000/- + we havent had our dinner. Unfortunately, they would not accept card both at entry & inside!!! 🙁 This means wipe out every penny in pocket inside & walk out penniless. :-((I was suggesting that we go to Club Cabana. But there was a small discussion on what to do next. The others guys in our group (i mean, other than me) found few localites and went to find out about the other options. We did not want to spend Rs. 2000 for a non-rock music! They were playing some sad pop music! I like pop but this was real sad selection.

I looked @ the watch & it showed…. 2358hrs!!!
I looked up to see these guys were returning with some very nice information from the localites. And, they said…

Time in my watch that exact moment was 2400hrs!!! 🙂


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