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This is the continuation of the previous post. This is day two in Goa.
Just a re-cap of day 1 for those who have gold-fish memory or for those who haven’t read the 1st part & is lazy to do so. 🙂

Day 1 – 23.11.2006 – Humble self fly into Bangalore from Hyderabad and 9 of us travel in 2 Santros to Goa thro’ Tumkur-Arsikere-Badravathi-Jog Falls-Honava-Kumta-Karavar. We had a gruelling 18hours drive when we should have made it in about 12 to 14hours.

The day two was a picture of few kms of ROYAL ENFIELD + ferry + 1 church + 1 beach. Here is day two for you fella…..

November 24, 2006

0000hrs: **snore snore**
0400hrs: **snore snore**

BANG! BANG! I thought somebody is running in the corridor and I was mildly irritated that my fitfull sleep is disturbed. BANG! BANG! Who the F is this? Cant (s)he run slowly or jog outside. BANG! BANG! For heaven’s sake stop it. Its middle of the night. I opened my left eye. And, heard the jogger was even talking loudly over the phone. Loudly!!! Doesn’t (s)he understand other humans live in the same building.Wake up! Lazy bones! Wake up!The jogger has a familiar voice as that of my friend! What is he doing in Hyderabad?!! I looked around and was shocked!! uh!…er…oh! I am in Goa! I saw the watch. and its not midnight

0800hrs: I opened the door and we (total 3 per room) were beaten up like slaves late for work. We were too tired to even protest. Within a flash (actually it was over 1hour) we got ready for the next day’s journey. We went to another of those beach-shacks for break-fast & had breakfast for Rs.1200/- The waiters were afraid to even come near us. Guys were eating anything that was moving or for that matter, still too. Any thing and every thing was the mantra. Ofcourse, there were 3 strict eggitarians around like me. 🙂 In the mean time we had arranged for 2 Royal Enfields and 1 Avenger for our roaming within Goa. Each costed us a paltry sum of Rs. 350/day!! Because we had gone thro the guest-house where we were staying, we were not even asked for security deposit. We filled petrol and we were on the bikes going DHOOT… DHOOT… DHOOT. Awesome feel riding a Royal Enfield.

1200hrs: We slowly & reluctantly got up from our breakfast table, having cleared our bills. We were split like 6 on 3 bikes & 3 in car. I promptly picked a Enfield and refused to hand over the key even while having bath. 🙂 selfish!!! heee heee. The 1st place we embared on was Cambarjua Canal. This place is supposed to be famous for its Crocodile Watch. Apparently Crocs come out only in the morning for the birds to clean up its mouth & teeth. This place was like an hour ride from where we were staying, which is Calangute. We went driving & riding and were lost every 100mts. Finally when we reached a place, we were told tha croc watch is poss only in early morning hour! 🙁 So we dropped the plan but we ferried our bikes across the small stream. The ferrying is done for free!! 🙂 For Free!!!! amazing isn’t it?? The croc watch images are awesome. I have put them here for benefit of understanding. Just imagine a croc right next to you when you are in a ferry!! must have been thrilling.

1500hrs: Having lost our 1st visit to our sleep. We substituted that with a unplanned church. St. Francis Xavier Church. This church is very good. When you enter in you are greeted by a relatively big altar, almost completely gold!! When asked somebody around me said it is Gold plated. Never the less, it was Gold and thats all mattered to me. It was very nice. In this church, they even had the body of St. Francis Xavier preserved and is displayed for all to see! The church was nice and has a huuuuuuuuge front garden. The church was originally built in the year 1545 but later renovated in year 1884. The body of the Saint has been around from 1622, the year he was canonized. Pretty interesting fact! The church is good visit. Its near Old Goa, Panjim. But beware of those road-side sellers, they like get onto your nerves. Yeah, if i dont say this it will not be good. When we were about to enter the Church compound, we were greet by another tourist walking ahead of us. Boy! She was wearing a short bright-red skirt & had such beautiful sexy legs…. man, God knows how to create! 🙂

1700hrs: We went straight ahead to the next beach spot, where we were to finish our lunch. This beach is called Bogmalo Beach. Its just 4Km from the Dabolim Airport. While going to this place, I was frustrated by the slow moving fellas. I know that with Royal Enfield @ hand, if you go on 30Km/hr, its a crime. So, I decided to rip. I rode like I was possessed. Smrithi was behind me and she did not complain. The speedo-meter was not working and so I had no fears! I actually missed the left turn & went ahead & waiting for others to catch up. When they reached me, the guy in the car came & freaked me out with a revelation!!! “Dude, I was trying to chase you but you were unreachable. I was on 80+ and you were still pulling away from me! You must have been on 100Km/hr.” Wow! Can you believe it? I was on 100 and I did not even feel it!!! Thats Royal Enfield for you guys! 🙂 Ok, we reached Bogmalo, not a very clean beach. We were hungry like hell, so we gobbled some grub. We played volley-ball for few minutes and played a rough rough mini-football. And my team lost the way India is cricket losing in SA, right now. We were tired almost instanteneously. We saw a guy doing wind-surfing. And it seem like fun. I wanted to do but unfortunately, I did not know swimming and I did not want to risk it. I decided someday I will learn swimming and will definitely do this wind-surfing. Its a target I have given myself. We also noticed that a group of tourist returning on a dingy from an island and we came to know that this service is only for the resident of the star-hotel situated @ the beach. Unfair world!!

2000hrs: We, with the help of the gals, requested one of the hotel fellas to rent a room for 1 hour for all of us to refresh. We refreshed in less about 1hr with just 1 bathroom. A record indeed. Imagine, 9 fellas (6 guys + 3 gals) within an hour sharing the same bathroom! Oh, yeah, this a record only bcoz none of us shared the bathroom together. 🙂 By the time we started it was close to 2130hrs. We went to the nearest casino, which was in Majorda. The casino is called Treasures. This is open 24hrs and is situated in like a 3-star hotel and is free entry only for the residents of the hotel. For others we need to shell out Rs. 200/- & its not covered either. The casino looked deserted and so was not very inviting. Though we heard that this casino is the one of the most wanted one but we could not find any signs of it. So we left the place immediately. The time was close to…

2000hrs: …and now we thought this is the time to hit to Colva beach. It seems there is a very good disc out there. I guess we were talking about Avloc and we started our journey towards it. But, mid-way the gang decided that they were tired as hell and we would return to hotel. And we did exactly that! So no disc on day 1! :-(((((

This day was aimed @ south of Panjim. In fact, these area is called south circuit. The important beaches are Colva, Palolem, Majorda, Bogmalo, Benaulim. But Palolem was too far for us, so we decided on the other 3 & finished 2. But I have been to Colva and believe me, its far better than the other two we visited this time. Colva is famous for its Sun-set and also for Martin’s Corner, a food joint that rocks. Almost every celebrity who had visited Goa had been to this place. A rocking place and not very expensive too. No one should miss Colva.

2359hrs: **snore snore**

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