GoGoGoa!!! on 23.11.2006

This is about my trip to Goa with my friends from Bangalore. This is not my first visit to Goa but was undoubtedly my best.

Some time ago, during mid-August, me and my weekend gang @ B’lore had done a crazy drive trip between 3 states (Karnataka, TN, AP) and 1 Union Territory(Pondicherry) in 3 days. It was a loooooong looooooong drive but we enjoyed it. During that trip, we had decided on our next trip which was to be Goa. So the Destination Goa project began. Slowly but steadily the preparation went on in the background and we started working out the details. The trip was to be made by a drive of over 680Km from B’lore to Goa in a very scenic route. And then hang around for few days and check on as many beaches **and ofcourse, the bikini babes ;-)** and return the same way. Boy! Boy! It was a trip that can happen only once. We were in total of 9 ppl (5 guys + 2 gals + 1 couple). We had 2 Santros and we ripped on.

The chronological story begins…

November 23, 2006

0000hrs – Your humble highness had, unfortunately, moved cities between the Destination Goa‘s plan & execution Phase. So this amazing self checks into Hyderabad Airport to fly down to Bangalore. The idea is that I will be picked up by my friends @ Airport by 0230hrs and immediately escape the out of city even before the Sun wakes. And thats exactly what happened, we zoomed out of the city by 0300hrs and waited for the other car to join us. We started our journey on the Tumkur highway. The highway was good and the air was filled with enthusiasm & excitement.

0400hrs – We took the left-turn towards ArsiKere. The route further was Kadur-Birur-Tarkere-Badravati and on. The frst leg of the trip did not have much to boast about, i mean, nothing was visible outside to even enjoy the scenic beauty (if any). And so the best part of this leg and also the entire trip were the songs. We were bundled like 5 + 4 in two cars. Each car was jarring with music. I insisted on sitting in the car where only Rock (or at the worst, Pop) is being played. I was a strict “no-no” for any other genre unless its gazals or carnatic, which was a taboo while driving to Goa. 🙂 Heard a lot of songs, which was much lighter than to my liking but had no choice. As guys around me were little aversive to the likes of Metallica and stuff and many have not even heard the God “Iron Maiden” or “MotoHead” or “Ozzy“!!! **I could’nt believe it** I heard a lot of “Bob M?lly” **not sure of his spelling** and I kinda liked it. Might try 2 listen to him more.

0800hrs – Stopped for breakfast. I guess this place is called Badravati but not sure. Me had nothing, as I have this travel sickness. So was on strict diet of only a cup of tea. By the time the break-fast session was over it was about 0900hrs. Then we switched some places, both the drivers and the passengers. I took the navigator seat and we zoomed further. The next stop was supposed to be only for lunch, but we had like a dozen piss-stops, as we used to call it. And, we reached Jog Falls sometime in the late morning; as per original plan, we were supposed to have a early morning breakfast. 🙂 The Jog Falls was like a thin strand of white-hair from top till bottom. It was in pathetic condition with no water. But, I have seen Job Falls @ its best and here is the sample snap of how it looks.

1200hrs – We continued our journey in the near fantastic road till now. Suddenly the road seem to attack us. @ 1 point, while driving, we suddenly saw the road ended!!! Then to our surprise, we found a mud road taking off from a near clear road!! Boy! Boy! It was fun driving (…er… navigating for me). We were supposed to reach by 1400hrs in Goa and we are still like 100s of KMs away from the border!! 🙁 But we did not mind as each of us had our own share of fun. The drivers & navigator enjoyed the hair-pin bends & the ghat-section driving. The other passengers had their share of fun by controlling their pukes. We took the route of Badravati-Sagar-Honava and further.

1500hrs – We hit Kumta, which is still like 100Kms from Goa-Karnataka Border!! We could not manage our hunger and entered a hotel. And I was hungry like no other day. The minute the waiter got me a Slice, I did a bottoms up and request for another. I almost finished the 2nd one too but fortunately, my friend stopped me saying food is yet to come. I dug into anything remotely veg placed in front of me. The plates once placed in front of me can be directly used for the next dish without bothering to clean!! I did a thorough-job. We left by 1600hrs. But by this time, the main two drivers were drunk. The other two substitutes were slightly not sure which direction is west or east. But, yes, this is when the navigator (thats me, ofcourse) had fun. 🙂

1800hrs – We continued the journey with me in the navigation seat still and the route was Kumta-Gokarna-Karvar-Goa. Wow! GOA @last!!!! We saw the sight of Goa and stopped the cars just after border and got down to hug each-other. A crazy routine, i should say. I remember that even during our Pondy trip, the minute we spotted Pondy we shouted @ top of our voices. 🙂 So we did our crazy routine and continued further in our journey into GOA, the promised land.

2000hrs – We @last spotted our hotel. whew!!! boy, everybody was tired as hell. The route from Karvar was simple but had a lot of traffic. Heavy traffic as in city traffic. We hit to our place Calangutte thro’ Karvar-Varca-Colva-Dabolim-Panajim-Calangutte. Our drive @last ended. We quickly checked into the hotel and hurried got ourselves freshened up and rushed to the nearest beach-side shack for a heavy dinner. But, unfortunately, we were soooooooo tired that we could not have even half our capacity. We somehow finished the food session and head to our hotels.

2359hrs**snore!!! snore!!!**
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