(Attempting for a) Blog Template Update!!!

This is inspired by PV & Others! 🙂

Actually I wanted to update my template for a real long time. And have been actively updating my template. But I have been updated or modifying only the old version of the template. I mean not the beta blogger ones. So today I decided to jump into the well.
I am (like most of the users across the globe) unhappy with my template. The template provided by blogger is not very flexible from my perspective. And I realized, if I wanna get what I want then I need to work towards it. Obvious. So, now I am working towards it. In the mean time…

You will so many changes that might not be pleasant. Sorry for inconvienience.

btw, to whom I am apologizing? 🙂 I need not apologize 4 two reasons:
1. its my webpage, i can do what-ever i feel like. 🙂 thats the 1st reason why we have a blog. to do what-ever we feel like!!!
2. read the 1st again. 😀
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