Dinner Debacle!

Me and my friends had gone to a hotel for a round of dinner. This is apparently a treat from my side for getting a job in their home-town. Normally, I would have expected them to gimme treat as I am the guest & they are the host in the town. But the world does not work that way! 🙂

We entered this hotel, which was pretty busy. There was only 1 table left and we (3 of us) jumped on it lest somebody will occupy it! We gave a good list of order, starting from soup to appetizers/starters nd stuff. The description of the items’ we ordered were yummy and we were waiting to gobble them. We were hungry like a starving lion.

The food was good but the service was pathetic… Lemme explain –

1. The starters came even before the soup! I was surprised. Normally the items come together or @least the soup is brought 1st. Or thats what I have learnt from the zillion times I have had outside!!

2. 10mins aft the starter, soup was got it. The soup tasted as though it has been kept burning for like hours. Yuuks! It tasted nasty. We returned the soup. The waiter questions our judgement!! He insisted the soup is good. He even said “Sir, I tasted it and it tastes good” Wow! He tasted the soup he got for me!!! And he wants to gimme the same soup!!!! Boy, from which village they got him??

3. After about 20mins, the waiter returns empty handed with a news that “Sir, your second starter is not available” What!!! Dude, its 40mins since we gave our orders. 30mins since you got our 1st starter. And, now ye say, the item order is out of stock!!!! Did it suddenly vanish?

4. With frustration, we give him our main course order. Surprisingly, with 20mins he returns with the order. He is about to serve us and suddenly we realized that this is not what we ordered!!! The order was sent to a wrong table! No wonder he got it within 20mins. And after another 20mins, he got the order.

5. But, again, a mistake! He reversed the order of serving. We had order roti-basket (roti is indian bread) and some rice item with a side-dish. The waiter serves us the side-dish and starts with the rice!!! Dude, in my country, which is exactly were we are right now, we serve roti before rice!!! “Oh! Sorry Sir. I shall get the roti now”

6. He gets the roti-basket & leaves the rice right next to us to get cold! It will take us @least 10-15min to finish roti’s (which is anyway the stardard roti time). This means by the time we move to rice, the rice is as cold as anartica would be!!! Dude, cant you keep it inside & warm it again???

7. Finally, still hope in our hearts, we order dessert. 2 ice-creams + 1 fruit salad without icecream. This guy gets 3 ice-creams + fruit-salad!! 3 ice-creams?!! “Sir, thats for the fruit salad!” What!! No energy in us to fight. Though our order was without ice-cream, fruit-salad with ice-cream (@least in my country) is served in the same bowl. NOT SEPERATELY!!!!!! **God! Remind me about this incident next time i meet you**

We paid him without keeping tips. Why should I? For what service he did, he should be giving away somr money to get rid of me, if i create ruckus!
On a after-thought, we realized the food was tasty. Some items were very tasty. But the service was so pathetic, we left the place with a very bad feeling & a vow “NEVER AGAIN HERE!” The management should take a notice of such important aspect if they ever want to grow big.
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