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This is my opinion of khush’s book titled same as my heading. i wanna warn the readers of this blog that the following contains some (apparently) un-acceptable words (very few though) and might not be a very impressive article. I somehow felt that i should dispel the wrong notion/misconception about this book so this article.

I read this book this week. I was at Shopper Stop last weekend & picked this book out of impulse. 😉 Started the book almost immediately. Found the book little different. To start with this book has very little story. One can say the story in one sentence: story of a divorced man whose libido is high & dies out of AIDS, which he contacts having various fling-affairs! 🙂 And regarding the plot or characters, nothing to boast about. The very interesting part of the book is the 1st page! Here you see a very profound statement by the author – I quote: “as a man gets older, his sex instincts travel from his middle to his head.” And, he goes upon stating that, i quote, “I started writting this when i was 83 and finished as i turned 85. This more a book of fantasies of an octogenarian” But i believe this book contains more than sexual fantasy. It is actually the struggle of a man to find woman’s love.

Ok! Here are my impressions & personal opinions about the book. Read On…

I do not regret having taken this book. or read, for that matter. I found the unsaid portion of the book very interesting. The book never says the following explicitly but thats the crux – “The protagonist Mr. Mohan Kumar is depraved of love of a woman.
      1. He had lost his mother @ the time of birth. was raised by his father.(So no motherly love.)
      2. Never had a steady gal-friend @ his college; only erotic sexually-satisfying affairs.(So no love of a gf.)
      3. Had a pathetic marriage. Where his wife was too immatured @ the time of marriage & her pregnancy immediately after their honeymoon, did not make their relationship any stronger or better.(So no love of a wife.)

All he was lookin for was a good companion. Having started associating female gender with sex early on in his life, he was looking for a companion who can share bed with him. But, unlike how certain reviews have put it, this book is not a soft porn or a book of sex. Its a book about how a man gets frustrated in his life without love of a women.

A man needs it every time of his life:
      1. as a child, needs love his mother.
      2. as a teenager or youth, needs love of his gal-friend.
      3. as a husband, needs love of his wife.
      4. as a old-man, needs love of his wife, again.

But, none of these did Mohan Kumar get in his life. And, so he started getting confused between sex & love yet deep inside him he wants a companion who will like/love him for what he his.

The book is a not a very good book for anything.
      If you are looking for an interesting plot…
            …no this is not the book.
      If you are looking for descriptive erotic sex stuff…
            …no this is not the book.
      If you are looking for collectors item…
            …no this is not the book.
But, if you are looking to fill ur time with something (anything) to read then may be this is not a bad choice. So, if you are okay with some mediocre book then this tops the list. 🙂

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