Rains. What a terror.

i hear the Chennai is submerged in rains! poor Chennai! it has been raining continuously for over few days; literally non-stop. 24/7!! yet it seem to have the same energy & zeal to pelt down more. phew! its tough to live under such conditions of extreme rainfall. imagine a never ending rain-fall that does not allow you to move out of house. you are under house-arrest. 🙁

i have read some time ago that “when it rains, it pours.” and this time around the rains in chennai has been a classical example to prove this statement. and this has become a norm oflate. no rains for a real long time and suddenly all of the rain at the same time. its like retaining the water for over 2-3 months & pouring it all-at-once in a single week. now, how in heavens any city can handle this? now no blames on the city-architect for not having planned for heavy rains please! how in jupiter can he/she/they even work out a plan for such a unpredictable event?? whats happening now is more like suddenly THE Rain God woke up from a deep slumber & tipped the bucket & promplty went back to sleep!!! what the heck, I say.

But check the impossible determination of chennaites. check these snaps to know it. and, i am sure this was the case out there in mumbai too. or may be more. hats off to their commitment to attend offices, be present in colleges/schools & meet their lovers. 🙂

Lemme quote the yahoo news!The Met department Sunday said that since last night (oct 28, 2006) Chennai had received 188.8 mm of rain and its outskirts 94.5 mm.” phew! thats way too much buddy. way too much for a 1 night. am sure even james-bond would not be belting out this much for an 1-night affair. 😉 **censoring other irrelevant nasty thoughts** ;-D

After seeing about rains i went about tryin to understand why rains & why only chennai, ap (esp vizak, vijayawada) & orissa. Because of my ability to fall asleep everytime my geo lecturer walked in, i did not, to say the least, understand the scientific reason behind rains, low-pressure & stuffs. all i was able to gather was there is low-pressure (tending towards serious depression) in bay-of-bengal, which is the main cause for this incessant rains. Also, i hear that this depression is moving towards AP! **gulp** Hope it does not affect hyd much.

Having said all these I would like to say that Rain introduces a tinge of romantism in air. Rainy season is the best time to catch up with things. Be it sleep. Be it GF (or BFs). Be it with a nice novel. Be it a nice hot spicy mirchi-bajji. 🙂

But the best use of rain till date is when you get wet with it. Its really really fun 2 get wet in rain. and its more fun if you get to play a game of soccer. And it is ultimate if your mom back home goes red seeing your wet & dirty!!! Man its fun, unlimited. Mom, I wish I was home.

3 thoughts on “Rains. What a terror.

  1. Phew. Knew that it was raining but never knew that it poured!!!

    btb, my ideal way of spending time while raining (apart from the drenching in rain)is sitting in a couzy bed with tv running in front or with a novel, having hot groundnuts (pref boiled)/or some nuts and hot hot elachi tea in other hand !!!

    Ohh not sure when i will get to enjoy such things …

  2. machhee you seem to have hell lot of gala time if you are able to have pics in your blog and write such huge blogs 🙂
    I completely agree with you on mirchee bajji musings. Though, you would have got neck-painingly vigorous agreements from Kallu.

  3. [saka]: maams, true da. aaahh… hot boiled groundnuts + elachi tea… boy. boy.

    [chax]: yep. ample time @ hand. 🙂 and claco wud have included pani puri in the list. ;-D

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