Phew! At last…

…a post after months. I was busy. Busy in very many things and a lot of restrictions that held me from doing what i enjoyed – blogging. I could reel out what had taken so much of my valuable time that I was not even able to update my blog or even read others blogs.

To start with…
…they had blocked blogspot in my ofc. 🙁
…my manager suddenly fell in love with me & never wanted me to even have a minute of free-time.
…a few minutes of spare time i got i tried my best to catch up with my friends. i did but did not do it well enuf.
…weddings, marriages, nuptials & what not. I was constantly out of town attending my friends’ most important events
…and, to top it all, i was on a look out for a change of job!!! And, I successful did. 🙂

Currently, i am no more associated with my previous company & moved to a smaller firm with, obviously, better pay. The overall experience of change of job was a little rigorous but a learning one. The only hitch was that I had to re-locate my base from the world-known Bangalore to a lesser-yet-known Hyderabad. The thought of moving out of a well-established surroundings to a unknown place was a bit unnerving. In fact, though it is the 4th day in my office, i am still uncomfy & nervous. 🙁

Regardin my ofc, here is the mail i had sent 2 my frnds that kinda briefs about my experience in my new place. I shall past it here 4 my e-friends 🙂 –

Here i am @ Hyd happily yet-to-be settled. The office looks kewl. Crowded with 30 ppl!! Got introduced to the entire office in 5minutes (+/- few seconds). Has got a small cafe which can accomodate one team @ a time, provided team size is two. But, yeah, i am assigned a comp the very minute i walked in. 🙂 though i was seated @ a place where even a blind man “walking on the road” can see what I am up to; ofcourse, now i am in a bit more secure place (meaning, can do whatever i want) 😉 nd, i am yet to be assigned a email id, work, a buddy or responsibility. fun unlimited! 😀

i think i am wrongly-oriented. this place is not 4 me 🙁 this place has only 2 females & none in the flirt-category (1 awesomely sexy aunt who does’nt know to smile & another “no comments plz”). also, if nebody asks ye which medium yer company works tell English, bcoz i am in a telugu medium company!!

i am given a sharing-temp-accomodation with a guy who is wonderin why GOD gave him vocal chords & what the word “smile” that he read in the dictionary means!!! Nd, currently, other than VP, no one (including me) knows why i come to ofc everyday. hopefully soon i wil b given something 2 take back home either sal or work.

okie buddies. gotta stop here. do not want a new boss catching a new employee not working even though the new employee is jobless. 🙂 wil catch ye guys/gals later, sooner & often.

keep in touch.

4 thoughts on “Phew! At last…

  1. machchee don’t get too comfortable .. after the first few days of honeymooning … you know guy .. all that .. they are going to crucify you to your office seat .. 🙂

  2. actually am ready & waitin 2 get crucified buddy. it gets buggin 2 sit alone with no work. lets c. i talk like this now but dunno know wut wil happen later.

  3. hey maams,
    tell me that its bugging to sit Alone, but don’t crap that u r eagarly waiting 4 work ;P

    btb, nice to c that u r getting alive and very nice to know that u r spending ur suplus time in pinging guys too 😉

  4. tell me that its bugging to sit Alone, but don’t crap that u r eagarly waiting 4 work ;P
    ssshhhhh….. dont shout aloud. others might get 2 know the real reason. 🙂

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