A Promise. Hope to keep it.

I am xtremely busy now-a-days and dont have time to blog or orkut either. in fact, i did not even go to home-town for more than 3months, which is very unusual. I wanted to keep in touch with my student-friends esp the e-friends for they come & go more quickly then others. I started writting a mail which took a form of a poem. And here i dedicate them to my blog-friends.

       this work life is so damn buggin and boring
       i wish i cud get back 2 my days of snoring;
       un4tunately, 4 another month or so, i cannot
       but work & work till i would 4get wut is a cot!!!

       i am jealous of ye people, the student life
       is like a freedom life without a nagging wife!
       wish i cud return to that life, with no worry.
       no tension. filled with fun, frolic and merry.

       miss do not the times with friends you are having
       aft now there will none who will be even caring;
       life bcomz so bleedin monotonous & xtrmly dull
       wondering when my lucky angel will gimme a pull.

       neways, thinkin its time 4 me to change the work
       else i wud soon bcum the most famous dork.
       as it is i am losin frnds & others 4 lack of contact
       its time i buck time & not sit around but act.

       so with the new found extreme enthu & zeal
       here comes my mail with president’s seal,
       which is equivalent to promises by ton,

2 thoughts on “A Promise. Hope to keep it.

  1. hi ji !

    long time !

    that was a stroke of bad luck

    neway , get ur work done , and go out and enjoy !

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