Happy BDe "MY LORD PV"

yep this post is regardin my palz bde party. probably a real party aft my hostel dayz. lemme explain better…

        Date: 30.05.06
        Place: Halle Mane
        Occasion: Birthday

It all began as my classmate Chul, working for a leading MNC, had come down to India on a 2-week long vacation from US of A! On his way home he dropped in Bangalore, as all of us are out here. He and me were project partners during our techie days. A brillian traditional telugu villager!! 😀 Nice chap, overall. Neways this article is not about him. He wanted to meet us all and we promptly agrred the moment the word treat came into the discussion! 😀

Some of us, who could make it to the destination, after the dinner party by Chul went to our P9-HQ – HalliMane. **For those who dont understand what is P9 read PV’s blog or wait for my post!** The time was 11:30pm, so we watched 2nd episode of the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”! Boy, what amazing s.e.x they talk without using the word!

When the clock struct 00:00, Saka struck too! He struck a match & lit a lone candle on the cake that was brought for this occasion. Well the candle was pretty new and so would not get lit. Poor PV had to blow the flame even before it hit the candle!! Then we sang the ceremonial “Happy Bde PV” song. Oh! yeah, i forgot. Just before PV could blow the candle out Prasad gave a call. He was kept on hold & he too joined us as the chorus ;-). After the cake cutting by PV, MC, whose bde was exactly 1 week earlier was also given a chance to cut the cake & we sang for him too.

Just then Chandu gave a call and wished PV. Well then the fun began. Cake smacking!! Boy! It was fun. PV, was forthcoming in this cake smacking exercise. But MC was so hesitant to lend his face as target that we had real fun in smacking MC!! 😀 Then the other part of the party. Birthday Bums!!! We caught the birthday boy – PV and whacked him. These moments make me think like I am gladiator in a roman ring. 😀 **Wild imagination, isnt it?** After we were done with PV, we moved onto MC, the birthweek boy. After killing MC, we moved towards the US-of-A return Chul. We whacked him too. Wow! This was almost like re-living hostel. Cake Smacking and Bum Whacking!!!

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Tried hard to post snaps but blogger is refusin 2 accept my snaps! 🙁 Will try again later.

4 thoughts on “Happy BDe "MY LORD PV"

  1. I havent watched Gangster yet …..

    nice cake .. wish i could paint on it

  2. @deepa:
    yep ye r de 1st. kongradz.

    I havent watched Gangster yet …..
    try it. @least ye might like de song.

    nice cake .. wish i could paint on it
    nxt time i shal send them 1st 2 ye. paint & re-send it. 😀 wut ye say?

  3. @rp :-
    Thanks a lot buddy for your wishes and the b**s session @ Halle Mane …..

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