Fillers #1 – Gangster

hi all, not been bloggin 4 long bcoz of same silly reason – been busy. but actually i wnt 2 write a lot but no time. neways, this post is just 2 fill in de gap i created by nt bloggin. i shal blog a better article soon. this is kinda filler…. this is about the movies i have been watching offlate….

Gangster – A Love Story!!!
The name is very deceptive. This movie, in my opinion, has little to do with the impression that we get while hearing the title. This is a love story. More of a “cheat on love” story. I would love to reveal about the movie but for the benefit of the people who have not seen I am restraining. if ye wanna thank me you can. ;-D

The director Anurag Basu could have taken the movie a little better. Actually, I am not able to point the mistakes but I feel this movie could have been handled better. The movie’s story is so-so but screen-play is kinda good, though predictable for movie buffs. Still you will come out of the theatre with a good feeling. The cast Emraan Hashmi, Shiny Ahuja, Kangna Ranaut are impressive. Kangna in some scenes is sizzling hot. Shiny is pretty good too. Emraan, surprisingly, has acted!! The scene in which Shiny for the 1st time meets Kangna, Kangna zimbly takes ye by a wave. She has a charm in scenes depicting her life in India but not the Seoul scenes. On a whole, I feel both the new-comers (Shiny & Kangna) have done a decent performance. The cinematography is zimbly tooo good.

The best part of the movie are the songs; actually, music in general. Be it background scores, song numbers, subtle fillers. Boy! Boy! Pritam Chakravarthy has been at his best. One needs to listen to the music to know the difference. The most outstanding composition of the album comes at the very beginning. Not only is Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai written beautifully by Sayeed Qadri, the song has a melody and rhythm that strikes an immediate chord in your head. KK shows verve and flexibility in his vocal rendition of the song. The song Bheegi Bheegi introduces Bangladeshi singer James, who impresses with his emotive voice modulation and highly expressive singing. For those who are not able to feel the feel i feel here 😉 check Sayesha post on Confession about obsession. Awesome post. Hats off to ye Sayesha. Lamha Lamha is a soft romantic song replete with lilting musical sounds that caress your ears and Abhijeet is very very impressive. Check the Ya Ali number itz the best. The song, basically a fast techno-fusion romantic track, introduces Assamese singer Zubeen, who makes a notable debut with his singing full of spirit and gusto. Even the situation of the song is pretty timely.

On a whole, Gangster has been a good experience. Though for the movie buffs with amazing interest in direction (like me) might be little uncomfy with the way movie has been ended; also the cinematography-interested guys (again like me) will zimbly enjoy the experience. Itz a good one time watch. But a many times watch for the sake of music & cinematography.

2 thoughts on “Fillers #1 – Gangster

  1. Iam surprised that you havent mentioned Bhat Family.. Did I miss it ???? MaheshBhat has hit the right combination of Story+ Actor+ Music ……. Yup Gangster Movie I loved the songs …….

  2. pv:
    Iam surprised that you havent mentioned Bhat Family..
    not really. itz just that i did’nt feel his touch while watchin de movie. may b after but nt durin de movie.

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