I am Back….. Hopefully!!!

Hi Blog-world & friends

I am back and hopefully for long. The truth is very simple and is just the extension of previous blog-article. Busy! 🙁 I know… I know… Even I hate this word. But, kya kare? Life aisi ho gaye ki…. No did not even wanna talk about it. I have a lot to write in the blog but before that I just wanna reply to all my blog-friends. And thats what this blog is gonna be all about….

@sujit: nice.. poster depicting your life style. But some schedules are quite tight!!.. can;t help.. hope now you are enjoying..
Thanks dude. And, yes, some schedules are tight but dude the project has just began. I can not even imagine my condition towards the end.

@PV: Hey Jack , so still busy ….??? Digging deep ….. come back choon …..
Yep Jhonny. Digging Deep?? Whate-ever did that mean? 😀 Ye r as usual busy bloggin. Will have to read them may not be all 🙂 but at all most of them.

@Div: hey still busy!!
Unfortunately yes. And I c that even ye were pretty busy. Busy blogging. Yet to read yer articles but I see a lot of interesting ones. Hopefully I get time to read all of them. Sure will do it one day.

@Saka: maaams …. Still busy .. looks like TE is ‘exploiting’ you :-0
btb waiting 4 ur post on TE Family day celebs nd ur hand on that …

Machchi, semma busy da. Yep. My TE annual day was gr8. Will post about it soon. But I see that even ye have not updated yer blog for a loooooong time. Wuts up? Hitting on some SA* galz yeah? 😉

@PV: @ jack :- still busy ………….. !@#$%^
boo…. hoo…. boo… hoo… **crying**

@PV: Jack whats up ..working on week ends too …..
Waaaah…. Waaaaah… **wailing**

@Chax Dad: God save u Rp, at least this is not the case in my office.
Dude, saw yer blog & it hurt. Ye have updated & it hurt. Do rmmbr that ‘Once I asked ye whn r u gonna update’ & now ye r asking d same question. It hurts.
Pray Dad. Pray that atleast I can blog once a week. I am almost getting sick of work though it is very interesting.

@Nagu: Rp…y r u looking out of company, IN elxsi itself we have a group who almost every month we go for treks. Last one was during republic day time for wayanad. Coming saturday we r in veerappan’s trail (MM Hills).
Dude, do I need to reply now!!! 😉

Wanted to update soooooooo many things:
1. New Year – A spiritualistic begining
2. Annual Day – Anchoring Glory
3. Trekking – A meet with Mr. Veerapan
….and so many things more.
Well, letz wait & see how many/much of these I will/can update. Only time can tell. 😀

5 thoughts on “I am Back….. Hopefully!!!

  1. i cannot help but wondering why u keep harping on ur loss of friends . as i see it u have lots of friends ..
    even u r other blog talks on those same line.
    i read it somewhere ..
    ” just because ur friend/object of affection does not like/love you the way u want it ; does not mean he is not liking/loving you with all that he has got …”

  2. @myself:
    good to see you back … wondering where have u been …
    Seriously?!! I was kinda wondering if somebody wud ever miss me in this world, for I am quite new to this place…
    Neways, thanks. Hopefully I will be back more often. 😀

    @myself:Actually I knw it, myself. but, when it cums 2 reality i am not able to accept it. Kya kare??? Tryin to learn but till date no success.

    But why is that ye is not updating yer blog??? N who r ye? 🙂

  3. Hey welcome back ….

    Thought u had totally given up blogging … kinda missed u , actually !

  4. @deepa: Thanks a lot Deepa.
    Thought u had totally given up blogging …
    No way. I will be around even it means I will be very irregular still I will be there.
    kinda missed u , actually ! :
    😀 Very encouraging.

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