Busy! Busy! Busy!

Busy! And thats what I have been all through the last fortnight. Yep, a full 14days of complete slog. Oh! Boy! How I missed this comfy life of bloggin, checking mails & playing free-cell. These 14days I led a complete ‘anti-RP’ life. Yep. Starting from getting up till sleeping in night.

1. Getting up @ 6:30am!!! – I had to do so bcoz I had to be in ofc before my PL. Lossing about 3-4 hours of sleep is no joke esp during winter in B’lore.
2. Reach ofc @ 8:30am!!! – 🙁 No choice. Bcoz my PL reaches ofc @ 8:30! Bcoz of her I had to pitch in atleast as late as her if not earlier. 🙁 Poor me! This was the first time my ofc saw me earlier than 10:30! Only on the joining day did I manage to reach ofc earlier than 10:30, it was atbout 9:45.
3. No Blogging & No Replying to mails!!! – Again, hopson’s choice. Had loads of work and had to finish it atleast with some considerable delay. Having lost the touch of working & reading docs, I had a real tough time keeping my eyes open everytime a PDF file opened. To top it all, I was supposed to concentrate!
4. No Sleeping in ofc! – Oh! Boy! This was the toughest I had to endure. Immediately after lunch, as though programmed, my eyes goes shut. But, the last 14 days, no way! I might even get skinned before the whole world!! Sleeping? No way! Gr8 sin!
5. Leave ofc @ 10:30pm! – Sometimes I am used to this though. But these days were different and difficult. Many days, I extended my stay for another 10-15 minutes just to go through the blogs of others. But no time to comment. And no energy too. I was sapped by 7pm that the next 3 hours was more like a hang-over.
6. Struggle in bed till 1:30am!!! – The next biggest disaster. Earlier I used to sleep even before my head hits the pillow but these days, I was so damn engrossed in the prjct that I used to wonder how am I gonna manage my PL the next day for not having completed the work!! Boy! It was indeed a struggle trying hard to sleep but cannot. I wanted to sleep bcoz the next day I had to get up at 6:30 irrespectively of sun, shine or rain. But sleep would dfntly not come to me. Kya kare?
7. NO NOVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Man! This was the biggest heart-break I had. I just was not able to read novels even in the night. Reason? Bcoz I was toooooooo tired to read but cannot sleep. Grrr….. I was completely pissed off. From the time I remember, I always snatched atleast a page of novel, be it exam, interview, or what-ever it may be. I feel incomplete without reading novel. And all of these 14 days I was without a novel! 🙁

I just remembered a nice fwd I got some time ago. This fits the situation I was in, though not so completely. But could’nt resist putting this here… 😉

Team Work

9 thoughts on “Busy! Busy! Busy!

  1. oh.. no problem yaar.. life as a s/w engineer is like tht only na.. lots of work all of a sudden, then one fine day we’ll be without any work 🙂 isn’t it?
    so, complete ur work n come back with a bang.. 🙂

  2. @prasad: Yep yaar. This work is so sporadic but very intensive. Too much to handle dude. Hoping to get back with a bang soooooon.

  3. nice.. poster depicting your life style. But some schedules are quite tight!!.. can;t help.. hope now you are enjoying..

  4. maaams …. Still busy .. looks like TE is ‘exploiting’ you :-0

    btb waiting 4 ur post on TE Family day celebs nd ur hand on that …

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