Rasmus! Rasmus! Rasmus!

Rasmus! The name spells music. The name sounds musical. The name generates musical vibes. Yep. I am refering to the Rock Band “Rasmus” and about their tour to Bangalore on Dec 4, 2005. I attended this concert and, believe me, they were rocking. The concert was scheduled by 6:30pm and as usual the main performance did not begin even by 8pm. We, which included my friends Jayadev, Sameer and Anoop were in Palace Grounds by 6:45pm.

This concert was organized by ‘Campus Rocks.’ The event began with a rock performance by ‘Presorika,’ a Delhi based Rock band. Campus Rocks Boy! These guys were rocking. This band consisted of, like Rasmus, only 4 members – 2 guitarist, 1 drummer and 1 singer. The singer was awesome. Boy! They really sound more pro than most of the VH1, MTV or V-channel artists. What grace. What performance. Classic. I really enjoyed it. Sorry was not able to get any pix of ‘Prestorika’ to put up. In fact, I straight away went ahead and purchased their CD from the VH1 counter that was set up. Since I like metal and this being my first metal album purchase ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the songs.

Then a little before 8pm, Rasmus group came up on stage. The band member are:
1. Singer – Lauri Ylรถnen aka Lintu
2. Guitarist – Pauli Rantasalmi aka Tonni
3. Bass – Eero Heinonen
4. Drummer – Aki Hakala aka Hattu


Their performance for very good. Truthfully, I have never heard them but I went ahead bcoz I just had some ‘gut’ faith that they might be good. And, no regrets. Their songs were by large a very good collection. Though the number of audience were far less than expected still the crowd was going ‘ga-ga.’ Somewhere mid-way all the performers took a acoustic and sang some pretty good soothing numbers. In fact, the drummer Hattu even imitated our Indian style of English speaking while introducing a song. Pretty hilarious. Then they sang their version of ‘Raghu pathi raghava…’

It was by large a very good show. I dont remember all the songs but I tried to list as much as my memory goes. If possible & if you are a Eng song lover, pls try to listen to these, they are good. And I vouch for it. ๐Ÿ™‚
1. Shameless
2. Keep your heart broken
3. Guilty
4. Funeral song
5. First day of my life

For more history on this group, pls refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rasmus Did not know that this group has been around for over a decade! Pretty good, yeah!

8 thoughts on “Rasmus! Rasmus! Rasmus!

  1. what a coincidence !!!!!! just yesterday , my cabin mate sent me 5 songs of Rasmus !!!!

    Coincidence Coincidence and more Coincidence.

    Heard Bond ??? Thatz very good … if u like instrumental and Maxsim ….

  2. And about the walk … damn !!! I wanted to do it too ….

    We never rem to think how fortunate we are … right ???

  3. @deepa: Congrats.
    @deepa: Rasmus is really good. Am planning to download, if available, all their songs.
    @deepa: Yep.
    We never rem to think how fortunate we are … right ???
    Ultimate truth. Guess these are the events thro’ which GOD explains all the fortunate things we possess.

  4. nice to see u bloggin back .. never knew u were quite a rock fan though ! knwing you i am pretty much surprised !!! guess there is always a first time to everything …

  5. what happened? no updates for longgg.. guess u r too much into Rasmus.. come out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. @myself:
    nice to see u bloggin back
    Thank you.
    knwing you i am pretty much surprised !!!
    Oops! Who is this? And why surprised?
    Neways, welcome to blog.

    Busy. Busy. And very busy!! I was kinda tooooooo busy and did not even have time to reply to these comments. So bad naah? Will post one sooooon.

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