AR Rehman Show…

WARNING: This text contains some interesting news that might be found violating this groups norms & procedures. In that case, the reader is fore-warned not to proceed further in case:
1. He/she does not have enough free time.
2. He/she is impatient and can not understand “BUTLER” English.
3. He/she has actually returned home thinking ARR show was cancelled.

Dear All

ARR! The name gets beats to our feet. Rhythm to our hearts. Music to our mind. And smile to our souls. The name rejuvenates our passion to music. The name is music.

The whole of the world wants to listen to the creation of ARR. So did I. I convinced myself & my financier (again myself) that I need to attend this concert at any cost. (**Yep! It did cost me a fortune**). Well, since I was trying to convince myself it was easier. I finally managed to get hold of one ticket (**Don’t ask the cost**) just dayz before the concert.

The day arrived. At last. My wait of over 48 hours has finally come to an end. Phew! I was eagerly waiting for this day just like a child waiting for a ice-cream. On that day, the sun was bright. The wind breezy. The climate awesome. The mood romantic. The right climate for the concert, I thought. The show was at 7pm and flood-gates opens at 5pm. Time in my watch says 4Pm. Time to get ready. After all, ARR in town.

Was ready in record time. With all smiles & songs on my lips I put my new woodland shoes & stepped outside….. Its raining!! 🙁 Raining cats & dogs! Raining as though God suddenly remembered & sent down the arrears on the same day! I cursed the rain. But, no I shall not return. Bcoz I decided I need to attend this concert at any cost. I put on my rain-jacket & drove to Palace Ground.

Entered in to the arena. It was near empty. Just a few souls scattered around. It was almost looking empty. EMPTY!!! :-O Where the hell is the stage? The place was looking more a normal ground; did not even give a hint of any concert. I immediately sprang into a huge search. After a while, some where at a distance I saw some structure which vaguely reminded me of a stage. Upon nearing found that it was indeed a stage bcoz I did see a single mike hanging!!! And the anchor (**complete waste**) was blabbering.

Wanting to investigate I took one more step. Whoosh!! Another bout of heavy rains. Looking around I was kinda happy see some people running for some cover in a distance corner. Any case I was completely drenched. But for nothing else to do, I did follow suit and took cover. Few minutes rolled by and the anchor was still on the mike… Wondering what to do… Shud I return home & waste the money spent? Shud I wait till the show starts & rain stop? Shud I just..

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Oops! Did I miss something? The stage suddenly seemed to be a bundle of activity. The crowd alive. Not minding the rain I ran towards to stage lest I miss something. It was some one else on the stage. A short funny guy with the mike & rattling something in Hindi. Suddenly, he started a song. “Allah ke Bande Hasde…” Oh! Kailash Kher! He was surprisingly tooo small. He was there only to cheer up the crowd & promised us that they would perform come what may.

Again, silence from stage in front & thunders from skies above. Rain incessant. But I was anyways drenched till the second layer of skin. So no point in taking cover. Moreover, there were some good looking chicks standing next to me. Totally wet. 3 of them in total. Good looking & more important, wet! 😉 So why miss this opportunity…. I stood grounded.

When I was about to initiate conversation… Clap! Clap! Clap! Who? Sivamani! I mean, ‘Drums’ Sivamani. Wow! He rolled his way to glory. He too was there only to cheer us up & make sure we stay.

Okay! Sivamani finished & stage is again silent. Time to initiate conversation with these gals. Okay! How shall I start? Mmm…. Okay. Lemme ask about the weather. Crap! How about their interest towards music? Another crap! Obviously they are interested else why are they here. Fine, may be how about… Clap! Clap! Clap! Who the hell is that again? ARR!!! Wow! He too was there only to cheer us up. But apart from that he gave an opportunity for me to start chatting with these chicks. 🙂 Believe me I chatted till my mouth was paining. 😉

Few minutes rolled by…. Rain stopped… Show started with a bang. Literally! They started their show with a song from ‘Yuva’. Then on the songs poured down as heavy as the rain did. You name the singers they were there. Hariharan. Chitra. Kailash Kher. Alka Yagnik. Shanker Mahadevan. Blaaze. SivaMani. Phew! It was mind-boggling. And yeah, how can I forget? Sukwinder Singh & Sadana Sargam. Man! It was a star-raining nite.

Songs were of all mixes. Fast rhythmic. Slow soothing. Punjabi Bhangara. Northy techno. Every song was better the previous. First Hari Haran sings followed by Sukwinder. Then Sadana Sargam pairs up with Hari again. Then the unmatched Chitra. If this was not getting your adrenalin pumped up enough then Kailesh Kher comes up. If this is not enough music to drown you, Shanker Mahadevan & ARR pair up. Holy Christ! This was all I could do not to go overboard with music.

When all of us kinda relaxing & trying to get back our enthusiasm & adrenalin back to normal, Sivamani does a 25minute solo. And guess what? We are on dance floor even before a blink of an eye. Jesus! This was a hell of a show to attend.

The program ended about 12:30 midnight. The rain suddenly began. It was as though Lord Varuna was also immersed in ARR music! And he released towards the end he had not done his duty!!! I drove back to my home. Actually, I shipped back home. After drying & changin to pyjamas, plunged on my bed.

Well, I was hell-worthy to attend this show. I was happy to myself. With smile fixed on my lipz, I slept.

“Oh! NO!” I woke up with a start. I had forgotten to note down the number of those chicks…. 🙁

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