About our double date….

This is after a double date with Kama & his gf with Sandy & me. It was a nice one. The recepients are Mahesh K, Chennai and Sandhya, Chennai

Thinking about Kama & Sri…..
He is dark, atheletic and handsome. (**sometimes I tell lies**)
She is fair, pretty, cute & wholesome.
His looks are deceptive & naughty.
She is a hallmark of high serenity.

With starkingly low similarity & high differences
yet together they are perfect beyond any guesses.
Thoughts ran in my mind when I saw together
was “This guy is a damn lucky bugger!”

They seemed more happy than anyone I’ve seen
Their joy seems similar to that of any teen.
When he was walking along holding hand of her
They just seemed to be ‘MADE-FOR-EACHOTHER’

Thinking about Sri…..
Angelic beauty that she definitely is
wondering how in the world did I miss!!
Heard that she did study in my school.
Having missed such a beauty I am fool!!

Heard her to be gorgeous and simply cute
still when she smiled I went totally mute!
This stupid collection of words is a tribute
to my friends gf, who is lovely & very cute.

2 thoughts on “About our double date….

  1. Seems u do have the knack of copy pasting ur previous verses and reordering them into a new poem, paying a tribute to a new gal 😉

    Keep it goin pal! Nice lines…

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  2. @RA: Firstly. Welcome. Secondly, and most important, dont shout aloud and give away my secret of success. 😉

    Actually, none of these galz have seen/heard about each other so I guess I can take the poetic liberty, cant I?

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