Random collection of words….

This is to my first crush in my life. She is an angelic beauty. She has such a homely look. Equalled only by her behaviour. She has an enchantin smile. I can go on for a life time just describing her & that is not what this blog is all about. 😉 This was after I had a date with her in Vellore. Her name is Sai Sailaja, Vellore.

Angelic beauty that she definitely is
wondering how in the world did I miss.
Such Looks. Such Smiles. Such serenity.
But, I am not her boy-friend is such a pity.

Knew her to be gorgeous and simply cute
still when she smiled I went totally mute!
Few hours spent with her was simply great
Was praying to make it an endless date.

Never spent such a good lovely time ever.
She was a beauty. Witty & highly clever.
Now & then she was cracking a dirty joke.
Jealous guyz around called me “A lucky bloke”

She was in a sexy pink-black combo
with difficulty I withheld my virgin vow!
When every guy in town was openly gaping
I knew I am next to a ‘fatty’ Cinderella in making.

Wondering what did we do on that date.
Nothing but talked. Walked. And ate.
But still was worth every effort & dime.
I will remember this date for a life time.

Wish with her I could be on an eternal date
but her boy-friend would show me heaven’s gate.
Lucky him who-ever she really loves
Bcoz he is taking a lucky angel to his house.

Any complaints of Vellore becoming hotter?
Close your eyes & simply blame it on her.
This stupid collection of words is a tribute
to this lovely reader who is very very cute.

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