Your contact number plz…

This is to a dearest sweet lovely gal. She is a cute gal with a enchanting smile. I liked her. I wanted to be a good boy-friend of her. But realized it was impossible. I still like her. But she has always been snubbing all my attempts. I lost hopes. 🙁 This beauties name is Mohana Priya aka Reenu, Bangalore

O the most beautiful damsel ever to be born!
Here I am without your number in deep mourn!
If thy can grace me with just a few digits,
that will fill all of my hearts abyssical pits.

Hearing your voice is like water in a desert
but currently am dying out of extreme thirst.
Why, my dear, is this defeaning high silence
Plz give ur number, which is my life’s essence.

I came to your place to show off my mobile anew
which I wanted only one to see first and thats you.
But as the fate would have it you were not there
Later I became unimaginably damn busy out here.

All digits of ur num in order I wish I could rmmbr
So sometime I can atleast dial those number
And talk to my gal when I am totally down & out
Tired of working too hard. (**Note the time this mail was sent out**)

Hope these few collection of words that I penned
for my most dearest & most beautiful girl friend,
is sufficient for you to reply with your number!!
This time I shall memorize & always remember.

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