This was again a Sorry mail. This is for un-necessarily taking up name of a friend, who un-wittingly became a victim of chain mail. Her name is Shilpa Rajan, Pune

I am truly sorry for what I have done.
Feeling like shooting myself with a gun!
My intention was in no way to hurt you.
I am now drowned in the sea of high rue!

I did not think before I penned the reply.
May be, I should be thrown in hot oil to fry!
Realized only after I hit the send button.
Now filled with guilt weighing little over a ton.

Thought would immediately mail you seperately
but was hoping that you will overlook it simply!
Now having heard/seen the choas I created.
Feeling my soul very deflated & badly punctured!

To simply reverse the clock, if I had the power
will promise. Will not repeat the mistake. Never.
Will you forgive this stupid & silly crazy nut(read RP)?
And please give that smile of yours that is very chirpy.

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