Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Guess I am becoming a master in Sorry mails. This was penned down to patch up the biggest hole I made in our relationship. But as the fate would have it the relationship slipped furthur down the big abyss of no-comeback. Guess this angered her so much so that she mis-took my true call for friendship and broke away for ever. Kya kare? Life’s like that…. This babes name Aishwarya B, Bangalore

Acquaintances are many, friends are few
But nobody is so special to me as you;
You are very important and the most dearest
Losing a friend like you? I would be stupidest!

If only I was given the most supreme power
will definitely reset the time on the clock tower;
Wil rewind to a day behind by week or two,
And never commit the biggest mistake – hurt you.

THe first time in the history of my whole life
‘REGRETTING’ I am about the unnecessary strife.
Though I have hurt you beyond words can measure
but ‘you & your friendship’ is what I treasure.

Its long since you gave me even a slight glance,
please dont torture me! Gimme one more chance.
Please do talk to me. Date me. Call me like before
without your sms-es my life have befome a total sore.

I know I am too selfish and a foolish bore
but please do call me and talk to me as before.
Days we may spend on this Earth are just a few
So plz return by closest ever girl friend – YOU!

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