This is RP!!!

This is to my friends to gf. His name is Sandy. I helped them while I was in my college duing my Masters degree. Kinda good gal. But little of a cry baby. Neways, guess this was the last (mail) contact I had with her. Her name is Suju, Hyderabad.

Long Long ago, there lived a stupid man(read as Sandy)
Sometime later he came across this gal(read as Suju)
who was a beauty personified nice woman
Immediately he wanted to be her close pal.

Well, ofcourse, he indeed did befriend her.
Dayz turned to weeks, weeks to months
their bond grew stronger & much stronger.
Their bond was, so to say, goin great guns.

But obstacles are unavoidable life’s partner
so as per law of nature they run into troubles
problems & hurdles that will never last forever
Most of them will burst like water bubbles.

Though they knew these still they were worried
b’coz they were’nt able, to eachother, communicate.
So both of them cried aloud with head buried
Hence without fight they resigned to their fate.

Then came this most humble yet smart fool (read as RP)
who was a good friend of this most stupid man.
Though fool yet he is very level-headed & cool
He instiled confidence to his friend & his woman.

This fool of the very highest & the first order
helps his friend & his closest better half
with a nice mobile to chitter and chatter
made sure that these love birds had a laugh.

Things were again back to square one with love,
Smile & Joy was again on their countenance.
But this friend is forgotten like a sacrified cow!!
Suddenly his presence is seen as a mere menance.

Well, all is fair in love & war, so goes the famous saying
Looks like this saying is followed scrupulously – verbatim
But so optimistic this smart fool is, that he is still praying
For the beautiful woman & man to catch up with him.

Wait & wait, I shall, for ever & ever, day & night
Things might change some day for better
suddenly I might see a light that is so very bright
which will be, from you, most awaited email or letter.

Note: Replace fool with RP.

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