Boo!! Boo!! Weekends?? Dates?? Never.

This is to my senior. He had asked me how is my life at Bangalore. How are my dates & freaking. This receipent is Vineeth NB, Hyderabad

Boo!! Boo!! Weekends?? Dates?? Never.
I guess, am destined 2 b bachelor for ever!!!
Bangalore is doing very great & very fine
Its just that am not getting any one to line.

What many dreams I had before I moved here!!
No gorgeous neighbor or even amidst the peer.
Have moved from a Sai College to a Sai Company
Apart from no gals & all boys, there is no penny!!

Shit Man!! Guess Madras wud have been better
Atleast I wud’ve got somebody for chitter-chatter!
Ofcourse, come to chennai during Diwali Fest
Try to meet you & hope for the very very best.

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