Oh! My! How Can I ever tell everything??

This was to my friend & ex-colleague. She was our clock. Alarm, who used to wake us up & take us for regular tea-sessions. This mail was after she quit our company. The receiver is Priya NC, Bangalore.

Oh! My! How Can I ever tell everything??
Its not possible to narrate all happening!!
Too Many events and too activities around
We are always playing & fooling around.

Every friday we no more have just cake
Along with that we have a lot at stake
Many Many fun games (or say they are called)
are played Friday@5PM. You are here missed.

Things can not be more boring & bugging than this
Everyday the only thing I do is “TEA!” without a miss
My project has come to a stand still or freezed
Am feeling like as though my ideas & brain was just leased.

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