My First Ever Possession….

This was when I bought my bike.

For those who already know, ignore.
For those who dont, please dont roar.
This happened only last week monday
And I did not find any time till this day.

Ofcourse, it is a pure lie & gas about time
penning this line only for effect of a RHYME!
The actual context of this email is,to me, dear
Guess?? mm… Most of you are almost near.

I desperately needed many things including hike
So with de same depression, I bought a new bike!!
I chose a beautiful model with magic silver colour
The world, & even I, call it “DTSi 150cc PULSAR”

I took de bike so very recently, infact last week
Misused it so much till it yelled “Save me!! Yeeks!”
Yep. Already its ready for de 20,000Km service!
Oh man!! 1 Litre of petrol is over b4 u say “cheez”!!!

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