Why Silence? Sorry…

Another sorry for previously killed relationship. This, I guess, picked up the last of the pieces and killed it. This is to Kanchana, Coimbatur.


Why this silence 4m your end?
when an email will you send??
asked 4 an apology havent I?
waiting 4 an reply 4 long!! (sigh)

ok! I agree that i chose wrong words
but anybody forgives even some nerds!
with love & affection part of ur name (“PREMA”-LATHA)
why dont u 4give & stop this game??

am sure u r damn pissed off, agreed!
but well i am jst short of any plead
if u cud nicely forgive this small error
then i cud b happy & smile forever.

well, the rest is left to your discreetion
ofcourse, am waiting 4 u 2 take decision
if u still feel that i hve hurt u too badly
“GOOD LUCK & GOOD BYE” saying it sadly. 🙁

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