Heart Determines…

No idea why I wrote this? And the receiver did definitely not understand this. Bcoz I got a simple “good” as reply. This is to Priya NC, Bangalore.

Heart determines is what i say!
It knows who has come in to stay.
Things dont happened by our way
ofcourse, it neither deviates far away.

Smile is something so very good
it can melt even a log of dry wood!
Such is the power of smile on us
it shines lots of hope to hopeless!!

Well, this attachment is a profound one
it is straight from heart with no pun!!
if only v could be as good as this says:
“for everybody there is a time & a place”

Wish i knew & was matured well enough
to make a right choice without any “MUFF”
without these mistakes there is no challenge
but hurdles makes us think b4 v take de plunge.

why is that heart is such so very complicated??
understands everything with a tag:BELATED??
wish i cud understand to working of two:
my heart & a woman’s mind (I have no clue!)

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