Sorry. Please forgive me….

First of the million “sorry-mails” that I wrote to friends after screwing up. Seems that God has given me a unique talent of screwing up relationships… Btw, this relationship is completely dead. This is to Kanchana, Coimbatur.


My email did not convey what I meant!
It did not mean what I tried to convey!!
wish i cud make my english better!!!
with tht i may b able 2 write correct letters!!!

in the process of trying 2 put my message
i think i hve completely tarnished my image
possibly b’coz of the words that i used
were nt appropriately utilized & perceived.

pray & wish i cud go bak in time
& try 2 erase any records of my crime
of MIS-JUDGING an nice good gal,
who was till my email a very good pal.

though said above in elaborate fashion
does nt convey true intensity & passion
in apologizing 2 u, 4 commiting a gr8 sin
4 hurting ur heart & making ur frndship spin.

is there any possible recovery scheme
with which i cud apply butter & cream
on u to try & rectify my damaged identity.
Please forgive 🙂 this nice simple entity.

de idea of my email was 2 jst pass on
my feeings bt dfntly nt 2 inflict pain upon
if my english was nt good enough & clear
plz lemme knw. I shall kick my own rear.

btw, wuts ur plan? wuts ur idea of future?
hope u r nt suffering 4m de peer pressure
2 land up in a nice job immediately & earn
select company which facilitates u 2 learn.

btw, de real reason of my outrageous email
was jst 2 convey an simple msg without fail
tht de prev email i got 4m u was so long ago
bt it was definitely nt 2 hurt ur cute little ego.


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