Call for Tech Forum

This was written when I wanted to call my colleagues to share their technical knowledge in a forum, which we called ‘Mini-Tech Forum’.

Hi. Good evening. One and all.
This is rp on de wakeup call
Along with my G-evening msg
read the following Passage.

This is to inform one and all
that wednesday is de time to call
And put our foot forward in time
to learn, teach & earn more dime.

weeks that follow starting 4m 2day
u gotta come in early atleast 1 day!
on that day will be our mini-forum
so here i invite all of you “COME!”

upon consensus and all opinions,
me the most responsible scion,
is informing you (ie everybody)
“MINI-FORUM on WEDnesday 9:30”

This schedule will be strictly adhered.
no tolerance on people who differed!
let me tell u, sisters and brothers,
coordinator is ATP & none others.

for people who did not understand
and who find my writing a little bland
the jist of this greatest of all poem – is
Our Discussion: WEDNESDAYs 9:30AM.

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