Got my Job!

This was written after I joined my company. In fact, after almost a fort-night.

hope u all had a nice week end. am hoping 2 hve one too? (am snding this 2 u
on a friday nite) here i hve penned down my transission 4m a “college
student” to “jobless loafer” to “RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF INDIA”!!! well, hve
a look at it….
i apologize 2 all those people who already knw de details…
i apologize 2 all those people 2 whom i had nt informed….
i apologize 2 all those people whose valuable monday morning i hve
i apologize 2 all those people of the world 4 nvr being punctual in my

here my SUCCESS STORY comes….. beware…..


————Added this on 18 June 2004————-

For all those whom I hve nt told
b4 this info becomes really old
though it has a heavy price tag – yet
its high time I release it out of bag.

———————-24 May 2004————————

things 4 me were not very easy,
am talking times that is early…
was running up & down with CV
skipping breakfast, lunch & Tea!

oh! yeah, i was also enjoying my life
which included lots & lots of strife,
had 2 run up & down in search of job
which brought both laughter & sob.

had a whale of a time in TELSIS
(de Business partner of INFOSYS)
bt d offer was much more funny
than it had de (necessary) money.

upon me rejecting this offer,
i waited & searched further.
went 4 many many walk-ins
bt my CV ended in de dustbins.

but i took all of these in de stride
4 these r testimonies in our life’s ride!
was spending millions on internet
whch, in my opinion, was a safe bet.

but my main source of inspiration,
which pulled me 4m depression,
was IBM – my dream company
4 whch i prepared days very many.

bt as de fate wud hve it (old saying)
IFlex tested my skills & rejected me
IBM followed suit & jst made me a flea.

There I was doing nothing & wondering
whether has life, for me, kept anything?!
thts whn de opporunity knocked my door!
An work tht was my projects main core.

well, i knew GOD had kept thngs 4 me
(also knew tht thngs dont come free).
it was thro’ an able senior of mine
did i get in2 this (apparent) GOLD MINE.

plz take these with a pinch of salt
for exaggeration is not my fault!!!
but de truth at de end of de day
is tht am “TATA ELXSIan” 4m 2day.

it wud b so bad of me if I did nt
inform all my frnds, foes & de lot
tht de main man behind my rcruitmnt
is Sridhar Rao – my senior in crime!

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