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Apr 29 2009

Where do I start? How do I start?

The long hiatus from creativity & my poemsis like a leech crawling under the skin;I am itching to restart my journey with wordsbut.. where do I start? how do I start? Thought of penning about my perennial thought,Olive & my life revolving around her;The more I ponder over this I keep wonderingwhere do I start? …

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Dec 14 2007

Munagaru Male-Anisuthide yako indu

Wonderful Song.

Oct 26 2006

Phew! At last…

…a post after months. I was busy. Busy in very many things and a lot of restrictions that held me from doing what i enjoyed – blogging. I could reel out what had taken so much of my valuable time that I was not even able to update my blog or even read others blogs. …

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Jun 30 2006

A Promise. Hope to keep it.

I am xtremely busy now-a-days and dont have time to blog or orkut either. in fact, i did not even go to home-town for more than 3months, which is very unusual. I wanted to keep in touch with my student-friends esp the e-friends for they come & go more quickly then others. I started writting …

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