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How I stopped Honking and increased the fuel efficiency

Horn Noise

Have you heard of the now super-famous butterfly effect? If you haven’t read about it. Interestingly I kinda experienced something similar (or so I think!) in my life. Not as dramatic as the metaphorical example given to explain the butterfly effect but significant enough for me to blog about it. Also nothing I encountered is …

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Why self-driving car is a must in Bangalore?

How many of you read this recent article on the Bangalore traffic scene on Times of india? You haven’t?! Dontcha worry, I got it covered for you. 😉 Here it is: Horror 2020: B’lore traffic in core areas at 5kmph. An excerpt of important points that are relevant to my blog post are here: Horror 2020: B’lore …

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ORRCA employes: Relocate your homes into your office cubicles

Take all the spaces

How many are aware of the (fairly) recent approval for 5 signal free corridor to be developed within Bangalore city limits?! How many of us are aware on how much of our daily routes are gonna be messed up because of this plan? Lemme warn all those happily ignorant victims that the proposed plan pass …

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Indicators are indicators not licenses!!

Traffic woes! Auto-rickshaw Mafia! Cops & Bribes! Ah! Every tale for every one.A peaceful morning! A nice warm kiss from your wife and a bed-coffee! LA Lakers won says Times! Aloo Parata for b/f! Your old Royal Enfield starts in a single kick! The ever-busy street seem free! Your Royal Enfield responds to your commands! …

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