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Checklist for “Smooth” International Travel


International travel has always been a “pain” in the backside. Particularly the layovers, the jet-lags, the security checks and most importantly the airline food!! I don’t have too many international travels behind my back but few frequent enough to understand the mistakes I made. The next set of things I have captured are for my …

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Indian vegetarians at Thailand

Thai Fried Sweet Potato Balls

Well, well, unfortunately not one blog I read on this before I left to Thailand. And, boy, was in for a shock! 🙂 Me & my wife did struggle a bit to find no-meat food even at the popular restaurants in Thailand. Here is what happened to us at McDonalds, Phuket:   McD boy    …

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My Thai Honeymoon Itinerary

It has been nearly an year since I planned my honeymoon trip to Thailand and almost 7+ months since we went. Yet the itinerary and trip is as fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. Ever since my wife & I returned to India and to reality, we wanted to blog about this …

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GoGoGoa!!! on 26.11.2006 (Final Day)

This is the continuation of the previous posts. This is day four in Goa.Just a re-cap of day 1, 2 & 3 for those who have gold-fish memory or for those who haven’t read the earlier parts & is lazy to do so. 🙂 Day 1 – 23.11.2006 – Humble self fly into Bangalore from …

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