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The art of mastering the art

Can I play GOD

Theories. There are many theories on how to master an art form. Recently, I stood.. actually sat witness to an interesting method in mastering the art of acting & directing. The method I observed was to stick around an art form for a long time and to soak up all the nuances that gets sprinkled …

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Why should you watch ‘Orgasm’?

This is about the play ‘ORGASM,’ an original play staged by Cult Entertainment. And, my opinion on why should one watch it. An Original Play by a Bangalore based group Orgasm is be staged (again) 5th & 6th and 13th of November 2011. I could not watch their previous performance because I was not in …

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"7-am arivu" – an worthless offering

Saw 2 very different movies by very different directors who have attained great fame in very short time. One relatively old. One brand new. One @ cinema hall. One in the movie channel @ home. One costed me. One free. One having a silly actor in the lead. The other got a much superior talent …

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